SATOHSI: Well, this isn't a deck, it's a leter. A letter that, I'm sure,
will clear up some confusion when it comes to being a deck mechanic.
Dear Satoshi,
  I have read on that you have just become a Deck mechanic.  I
would like to know what can I do to become one as well.  I have enough
experience in the Pokemon game that my friends said I should try to become
  If I could prove it to you that I have potential, would you give me a few
decks that need fixing up so I could so you how I am.  Or if there are other

people that I must prove my ability to, I would really appreciate being
given a chance.
  Thank you for your time.
SATOSHI: Okay, this is a question that all of the deck mechanics have been
e-mailed about at one time or another. So here's the lowdown on how people
get to be deck mechanics.

Okay, I started to come to this site near the end of October 1999.
My first auctual posted material is a November 1999 Killer deck report,
"Advanced Blackout." After that, I centered in the TCG and Card Tips section
of this site.
Sometime near the end of 1999, I got an e-mail from Scott and He explained that he needed three new deck mechanics, and asked if
I wanted to try out for the job. I accepted. He then proceeded to e-mail me
a "test deck," or a deck that I was to fix in order to get the job. If I did
good enough, I was in. If not....
A few days later, I got an e-mail that I, along with the trainers
now known as KittyFox and Aaron, had been accepted as the new deck

What I'm trying to say is that you don't do anything to become a
deck mechanic. I just voiced my opinion about some of the strategies on this
site, and here I am.
Hey, everyone. DO NOT ASK TO BE A DECK MECHANIC!!!!!
That's what I'm trying to say in this article.

Well, that's all for now. Hope this helps!!!