Pokemon: (23- too many?)
4 abras
3 kadabras
1 alakazam
1 mewtwo basic (just in case someone powers up a big card, I can cut 'em
3 mewtwo movie promos (psyburn is a great attack, especially w/ his
energy pickup thingey)
<<I agree that the Promo MewTwo is a great attacker! But I think the
Alakazam line could be boosted to 4-3-2 giving you more Damage Swap

4 jungle pikachu
3 raichu basics (I just love agility)
3 electabuzz
<<It's pretty hard to point you in the right direction here, but I think we
could go mono psy. Raichu is a great attacker but there's better pokemon to
team with Damage Swap.>>

1 Kangaskhan (wall w/ benefits in "fetch")

Energy: (24)
12 Psychic
9 Electric
3 Double Colorless (pretty much for Raichu)

Trainers: (13)
1 potion
1 super potion
1 prof. oak
1 pokedex (I know people don't like it, but its handy sometimes, esp.
when you need energy)
2 switch
2 gust of wind
1 computer search
3 bill
1 energy retrieval
<<Pokedex can be handy to get energy but so can an Oak, instead of looking
at your cards he just draws 'em-straight. Potions could be taken out for
Pokemon Centers which will be much more useful in this deck.>>

Quick question: Should I even bother powering up Kangaskhan ever?
Also, I have some Jynxes, but do I want them in my deck and if so, for
<<I wouldn't bother powering up Kangaskhan unless you were in a dire
situation or were fighting against another Psychic deck. As for the
Jynx-we'll get to that.>>

Mr. Mime, Chansey, and Fossil Haunter are some of the best pokemon to team
with Alakazam. Raichu and Electabuzz aren't-don't get me wrong they're great
for almost anything but there's better pokemon suited for this deck. Take
out the Raichu line and Electabuzz line giving you 10 open slots, add 3 Mr.
Mimes and go 3-2 on the Fossil Haunter evo.(for stalling). Finally add 2
Chanseys, I think the Kangaskhan would go  better as a Chansey also so swap
him out for another Chansey. Basic MewTwo isn't as solid as Promo MewTwo,
the average attack costs 3 energies so that means both Basic MewTwo and
Promo MewTwo will do 40 damage. Basic MewTwo does it at a cheaper cost, but
Promo MewTwo has ability to get Energy from the discard so this usually
makes up for the one energy more needed to attack. So let's take out the
Basic MewTwo for a Movie Promo MewTwo. Moving on to your trainers, we need
Pokemon Centers to keep your pokemon healthy. Take out the Potions(both the
S. Potion and normal Potion) to add 2 Pokemon Centers. A couple  more
finders will also be nice to get Damage Swap going, take out 2 Switch to add
1 more Comp. Search and a Pokemon Trader. We really don't need the Energy
Retrieval with Promo MewTwo around, take it out for another Pokemon Trader.

Your deck revised:
3XMr. Mime
3XFossil Gastly
4XMewTwo Movie Promo

2XComp. Search
2XPokemon Center
2XPokemon Trader

2XDbl. Colorless

Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-8

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