Pokemon :
4x Charmander
3x Charmeleon
2x Charizard
3x Electabuzz
4x Magmar (Fossil)
2x Pikachu (Movie Promo)
1x Pikachu (League Promo)
1x Raichu (Base)
1x Raichu (Fossil)
1x Zapdos (Fossil)
<<The Charizard line is a definate no-no here. If you're going to use
Charizard you'll need to base the entire deck around him. We need some less
energy intensive pokemon.>>

4x Energy Removal
1x Super Energy Removal
2x Energy Retrieval
2x Pokemon Trader
1x Switch
1x Computer Search
2x Bill
1x Professor Oak
<<Some Defenders would be nice here(Zapdos, Raichu). Besides that this mix
is very nice.>>

12x Fire Energy
11x Electric Energy
1x Double Colorless Energy

My strategy is get Charizard and defeat the defending pokemon. I also use
magmars and electabuzz to start out fast. Also, i use energy removals to
down my opponet. Zapdos and Raichu can take care of opponet's bench pokemon!
and use pokemon traders and comp. search to find anything i need!

I like the touch of bench destruction here, but we need just a bit more
punch. Take out the Fossil Raichu out for a Base set Raichu, he'll add to
the attack power of the deck. We'll want to take out the Charizard line,
you'll probably only get 1 or 2 Fire Spins off before you're energy
depleted. That gives you 9 open slots, I think the less energy intensive,
versitile Rapidash line will go great here. Let's go 4 Ponytas and 3
Rapidash, with the 2 open slots left add 2 more Fossil Zapdos this'll give
you more bench destruction and a resistance to fighting-which you may need.
Oh and you deffinatley won't want the Movie Promo Pikachus in there, Movie
Pikachus aren't good at staying alive but have a minor league attack. We
want to attack with Raichu not Pikachu so that means we'll need a Pikachu
that can attack quicker and stay alive longer, if you have 2 more League
Promo Pika's then swap out the 2 Movie Pikachus for 2 League
Pikachus(Paralyzing attack can stall, and growl 'll keep him out there).
Otherwise Jungle Pikachu will do just fine. Let's take out an ER and the SER
to add 2 Defender to dullen the set-backs of Raichu and Zapdos.  Your
pokemon's retreat costs are fairly modest so let's take out the Switch for
an Oak.

Your deck revised:
3XPikachu(League Promo if possible/Jungle if not)
2XRaichu(Base set)

2XPokemon Trader
1XComp. Search
2XEnergy Retrieval


Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-8

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