My Haymaker Deck
Pokémon: (11):
2x Hitmonchan
2x Lickitung
4x Electrabuzz
3x Scyther
<<Well, I really think Kangaskhans would do better here. Lickitung is
possibly a better stall overall but Kangaskhan gives you card advantage and
if you're lucky can hit real hard.>>

Trainers: (19):
2x Gust of Winds
4x Energy Removals
4x Pluspowers
2x Defenders
2x Proffesor Oaks
3x Super Energy Removals
2x Energy Retrieval
<<A little more card advantage is needed here maybe another Bill or 2,
Defenders aren't needed-it CAN be a good card but there's better.>>

Energy (30)
11x Fighting
11x Electric
5x Grass
3x Double Colorless
<<I donnu, 30 is ALOT with that many pokemon, we could probably settle for
about 24 most of your pokemon are only slightly energy intensive.>>

I like the Pokemon mix, all of it except Lickitung. If you REALLY find you
need stall(against say another stall) he'd be a good choice
otherwise-Kangaskhan pretty much beats him out with the same HP and better
attacks. Go for Fetch mostly with the occasional Comet Punch for desperate
situations. Let's take out 6 energy, you may not agree with me here so
here's some reasons to switch: Your energy ratios are like this(this is
based on color energy)-2Fighting for Hitmonchan, 1 Electric for Electabuzz.
Besides that you can just throw an energy on anyone, now the colorless
pokemon are a bit more energy intensive(4 for Kanga(remember that we'll be
using fetch in almost all cases) and 3 for Scyther. With that said it looks
like you need about 6 for each color to be safe and 4 Dbl. Colorless that's
20 with 4 extra. Ok with the 6 open slots you now have add 2 more
Hitmonchan, I think you need just a couple more basics so you don't get
caught without a basic. Use 2 more slots to add 2 Bill. You still have 2
slots so let's add 2 Switch to get Kangaskhan and Scyther outta there. You
have a whole ton of trainers so let's swap out the Defenders for 2 Item

Your deck revised:

2XItem Finder
2XEnergy Retrieval

4XDbl. Colorless

Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-10

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