4 Staryu
3 Lapras
3 Articuno
3 Seel
2 Dewgong
<<You have a great big weakness here:Electabuzz...he'll kill 'ya =(. Unless
there's almost no 'Buzz at yer tourneys we need to add maybe some colorless

4 Energy Removal
4 Super Energy Removal
4 PlusPower
4 Bill
3 Pokemon Trader
2 Computer Search
2 Gust of Wind
<<I would say you need Switch-Dewgong 3 retreat, Articuno 2 retreat, Lapras
2 Retreat-we need some versitality.>>

22 Water Energy
<<This should work with some Energy Retrievals.>>

The basic idea is to beat down early with Staryu while powering up Lapras,
Articuno or Seel (to prepare for Dewgong). Then, send in the powered-up
Pokemon for the kill. ER/SER/PP/GoW are for disruption. They help me keep
my opponent from doing what they want to do.

I hate to say it, but your deck will probably be too slow =(, Lapras is a
good choice he attacks quick-but Articuno takes a whole lot of time to get
powered up. So does Dewgong, and they're both very energy intensive, I think
we'll take out the Articunos and the Dewgong line which will give you 8
slots. First let's add another Lapras(great haymaker pokemon) using his
confuse ray against 70HP pokemon with no damage is usually a good idea, try
it out! We have 7 slots, it's a hard choice but I think Electabuzz's for
their extremly damaging attacks, and Scyther for his versitality will be a
good choice for this deck. Add 4 Electabuzz and 3 Scythers, it depends on
the metagame but Hitmonchans may do a better job then 'Buzz but I can't make
the call there unless you tell me what your metagame is like. Your trainers
look pretty good, but I think Switch is needed for Electabuzz and Lapras.
GOW is a great card but I think it would do better as Switch I've found this
card to be extremly useful in more then 1 situation swap the GOW's out for
Switches. Next thing you need is Oaks, take out 2 Bills for 2 Oaks(the only
reason I'm doing that is to prevent you from decking too often). You really
don't need 3 Pokemon Traders and 2 Comp. Searches in a deck with only
basics. Take out the Traders and a Comp. Search(we'll leave one for that Oak
you need) to add 2 Energy Retrievals(I added 'em because of your low energy
in this deck) and 2 Item Finders, helping the E. Denial concept of this

Your deck REVISED:

1XComp. Search
2XItem Finder
4XPlus Power
2XEnergy Retrieval

7XLightning 13XWater 2X Dbl. Colorless

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