>Hey Griffin,
>Some people have been e-mailing me their decks as of late, and most of them
>are pretty good. But this one caught my eye is specific, I fixed it (I will
>not include the fixes) and sent it back to him. But I believed you would
>to see it. The idea was to use Magmar and Sandshrew to stall with their
>Smokescreen and SandAttack attacks. The main pokémon in the deck was
>SandSlash, because the kid said he REALLY was good. Oh well here's the
>4 Sandshrew
>3 Sandslash
>3 Magmar(Fossil)
>2 Hitmonchan
>3 ER
>3 Bill
>3 PlusPower
>2 Mr. Fuji
>2 GOW
>2 Gambler
>2 Recycle
>2 Professor Oak
>1 SER
>12 Fire
>16 Fighting
>Well, fix it and such, but also look at the theme. Strange, isn't it. I
>thought about a stall deck without Mime or Haunter! Oh, and he called me
>SIR!!!!!!!!!! YAY, I'm officially recognized by someone! Well I guess I
>should close this letter before I go off topic, oops to late :)

First, this deck doesn't have enough basics, 12 is my minimum. I like the
idea of this deck, but he'll need more than just Magmars and Sandshrews to
stall. He definately doesn't need 16 Fighting energy, that is too much for
only a few fighting pokemon. Drop 3 of the fighting energy, and add 2
Chanseys and another Hitmonchan. Recycles are kinda useless, you have to
rely totally on luck to get something from your discard pile. Drop both of
them, and add 2 more SERs. Mr Fujis have always seemed very useless to me,
and they never work either. I'd drop both of them for another GOW and an
energy retrieval. 13 fighting energy is still quite a bit, so I'd suggest
taking out another and adding another Energy Retrieval. Energy Retrievals
can be very usefull in the late game when you need some extra energy. ERs
are getting very useless with so many Haymakers running around, SERs work
better. You already have 3 SERs, which is a good amount. Drop 1 ER and stick
in an Item Finder. I usually say not to have singles, but with Item Finder,
you only need 1. They usually come into use in the late game, and by them,
you will probably have gotten the 1 Finder out of your prizes or your deck
already. So, I hope this fix helps, and good luck in future competitions!


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