>     Hey Griffin, my deck is based on TR Zapdos and his attack Plasma. The
>trainers help with Zapdos, and the pokémon are backup. Scyther is there
>incase there is a ROCK (with resistance to electric) deck at the
>Well it works mainly like a haymaker in attacks. The largest problem I have
>is decking (2 times in 1 tournament!).
>A Hired Hit
>4xTR Zapdos
>20xElectric Energy
>4xPlus Power
>4xEnergy Removal
>4xSuper Energy Removal
>2xComputer Search
>4xTeam Rocket Gym (the one that you flip a coin if you add a pokemon on
>and if tails it gets 20 damage).
>Well please tell me how you like this deck, and please fix it.

Nice to hear from ya Rage, haven't gotten one of your decks in a while,
they're getting pretty good too. First though, you might want to drop one of
the Rocket Gyms. We'll add some Item Finders later, so you won't need all 4.
With that slot open, add an Item Finder. The things really come in handy in
the late game when you need that one Bill or CPU search back. Now, I'd
suggest dropping the Dittos. I've experimented quite a bit with em, and
they're too weak, espeically if your opponent's packing Gust of Winds. With
those two slots now open, add in another Item Finder and a Gust of Wind. The
reason you're decking yourself is because you have 4 Bills, a standard deck
really only needs 3, you already have 2 Oaks, and now you have 2 Item
Finders. With the new slot now open, put in another Gust of Wind. You might
want to experiment with less ERs and more Gust of Winds. That's all you
really need. Next time you get a deck, be sure to let me check it out, you
know how much I love your decks! See ya, and good luck in future tourneys!


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