>Hi. my deck is a Grass Normal Deck and plays very well. The object of my
>is to get either a Clefairy, a Beedrill, Or a Venusaur out. The Potions and
>Gust of Winds can usually stall the other person very well. The Bills and
>pokeballs are to get cards out faster. As for the Pokemon, Clefable is an
>Awesome Charizard Killer. Venusaur's Pokemon Power can save a few energys
>before one Pokemon dies or easily charge up a pokemon that has been Gust Of
>Winded. And Beedrill..... What can I say, 3 energy's, 40 damage, and
>possibility of Poison? MUST HAVE!! As for the few fighting energys.... I
>some of my cards stolen at a tourney so i don't have a lot of Energys.
>my deck:
>Grass Pokemon:
>4 Weedle
>3 Kakuna
>3 Beedrill
>3 Bulbasaur
>2 Ivysaur
>1 Venusaur
>Normal Pokemon:
>2 Clefairy
>2 Clefable
>1 Kanghaskan
>1 Ditto
>22 pokemon
>4 pokeballs
>3 Gust of Wind
>2 potion
>2 Bill
>3 Double Colerless
>21 Grass
>3 Fighting
>Energy Total

Okay, this deck seems okay at first. I like the multiples on the stage 2s,
except for the Venusaur. Ditto isn't as good as alot of people make him out
to be, it won't last very long gauranteed. Drop the Ditto for another
Venusaur, which you'll need, incase one ends up in your prizes. Pokeballs
and potions are pointless. You can't rely on a 50% chance the whole game
when you need to get Pokemon out faster. Drop all 4 of them for two Pokemon
Traders and 2 Comp Searches. You want MANY more trainers than 11. Drop the
three fighting energy (what the heck are they for?) for another Clefairy,
since you always need more basics than their evolutions. You don't need than
Kangaskhan, since you'll be adding some Bills and some Oaks, drop the Knagas
another Bill. Next, you probably want to drop a Kakuna for an Oak, you need
em to get this deck going faster. Drop a Grass energy for a Pokemon Breeder,
just for more speed. You need 1 more breeder in there, why don't you take
out an Ivysaur. Yes, I know there will be only 1 Ivy for two Venus, but the
breeders take care of that porblem. Anyways, I hope you have fun with this
deck, and good luck in future tourneys!!


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