>From: "Mariano Soy" <acsoy@sprint.ca>
>To: <Dux@Pojo.com>
>CC: "Mariano Sanchez Soy" <acsoy@sprint.ca>
>Subject: Psytime Deck
>Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 13:44:57 -0800
> >To: Dux@Pojo.com
> >From: acsoy@sprint.ca
> >Subject: Psytime deck
> >
>I use Slowbro to sort of heal my pokemon
> >with its power "Strange Behaviour" and when he only has 10 HP left, I use
>Mr. Fuji to take its damage counters off and shuffle it back into my deck,
>and when I get Slowbro again, the process repeats.
> >3 Gastly (Fossil)
> >3 Gengar (Fossil)
> >3 Haunter (Fossil)
> >2 Jynx
> >2 Mewtwo (PROMO)
> >2 Slowbro (Fossil)
> >3 Slowpoke (Fossil)
> >
> >Trainers:
> >4 Bill
> >2 Computer Search
> >4 Energy Removal
> >2 Gust of Wind
> >2 Pokemon Center
> >2 Potion
> >3 Professor Oak
> >4 Mr. Fuji
> >2 Super Energy Removal
> >2 Switch
> >
> >Energies:
> >15 Psychic Energies
> >


It looks like a cheaper version of an Alakazam/gengar deck. Using Slowbro
instead of Alakazam, and Jynx instead of Mr.Mime. Everything else is
basically the same.
The deck is lacking energy, so i'll fix that somehow.

Your evolution lines are acceptable, but not great. Especially Gastly's
line- 3-3-3. It should be a 4-3-2, or even a 4-3-3, or if you want gengar
out faster use 4-1-4 and use breeders.
Potions should be replaced by another pokemon center and one more gust of
Here's a card by card review.


Gastly/Haunter/Gengar: All good pokemon by themselves. These, of course,

Jynx: There is still a debate as to wether or not Mr.Mime is overall better
than this guy. Until you get Mr.Mimes these will do fine. Maybe even after
you get them you may want to stay with these.

Promo Mewtwo: No explanation needed. A beating.

Slowpoke/Slowbro: Well i guess until you get a few Alakazams these will have
to do.

It would be nice if you could put in a psychic resistant pokemon to cover
your rather large weakness to it. Chansey or Kangaskhan are the popular
choices for that.


As previously mentioned, just take out potion for another pokemon center and
another gust of wind.
You may have to cut out a few trainers to get in some more energy. Such as
ER and SER, as they aren't very necessary in this deck.


I'll try to get these to 22 or above by the end of this.

Here's the final version:

4 Gastly
3 Haunter
3 Gengar

3 Mewtwo

3 Slowpoke
2 Slowbro

4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
3 Pokemon Center
3 Mr.Fuji
2 Switch
2 Item Finder (to help pumping up mewtwo first turn

21 Psychic Energy


You'll notice a glaring ommision in the deck... Jynx. I previously thought
that there would be enough room to fit it in, but with the energy just so
low, there had to be someone to go.

The deck itself hasn't changed, but the strategy has. It is now more geared
towards beat down with mewtwo, and using Slowbro and Gengar to back him up.
It uses Oak, item finder, and computer search to power him up as quickly as

Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"
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