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>Subject: The supercalafragalistic WATER WAR
>Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 00:29:24 EST

<ed. note:  People....do NOT do this *pointing above*  Please do not send your deck to every single mechanic.  I'm going to tell them not to fix it if you do.  Pick no more than 3 mechanics and send it to them.  These poor mechanics get bombed as it is and we're trying to keep their e-mail loads reasonable.>
>Hey , Sup.
>3 Psyduck
>2 Golduck
>3 Magicrap
>2 Gyarados
>1 Chansey
>1 Articuno
>  Water Energy:22
>  DBC:1
>4 ER
>2 SER
>3 Prof. oak
>3 Gambler
>3 GOW
>2 Bill
>2 Switch
>2 Energy Retrivals
>2 Potion
>1 Sup. potion
>1 Scoop up
>   I know that your gonna say more pokemon like everyone else but it works
>, so thats why Im asking you. My strategy is to stall with Golduck ,
>, and trainers until I have Gyarados or Arti to mop up any left overs.I
>usually use scoop up with chansey and energy retrival so I dont loose much
>energy. Its not to much of a strategy but it has worked so far.
>  E-mail me at TJI0007@aol.com or Bobadude219@aol.com

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