>From: "John & Desiree Levinson" <levinson@ake.quik.co.nz>
>To: "Scott Gemboski" <me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re:
>Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 12:04:17 +1300
>Sorry to be a nuisance but I have slightly modified the deck since then and
>have a new version with 60 cards this time. Here it is, Promo Power-
>3x Promo Mewtwos
>4x Electabuzz ( Would Hitmonchan work better ?)
>1x Kangaskhan
>2x Jigglypuff
>4x Plus Power
>3x Gust of Wind
>3x Computer Search
>3x Bill
>3x Professer Oak
>2x Item Finder
>3x Scoop Up
>4x Energy Removal
>2x Super Energy Removal
>1x Gambler
>11x Psychic
>8x Electric
>3x Double Colourless
>Well the main strategy of this deck is to get a powered up Promo Mewtwo by
>the second turn. Various discarding trainers, such as Computer Search, Item
>Finder and Professer Oak, help in getting this combo started. Electabuzz is
>there to deal with psychic resistance (chosen over Hitmonchan due to his
>less costly energy requirements) as well as the fact that he is such a
>all-round basic. Kangaskhan is there to stall and draw cards, however I am
>not to sure about Jigglypuff and am thinking of replacing her. My trainers
>are all self-explanatory and I seem to have no energy problems. The only
>major problems I run into are the fact that I mulligan often and that I
>sometimes do not deal enough damage. Please help!


Very little to explain, lets just get to the fix.



Mewtwo: The namesake of the deck, so these wont be going anywhere. Add in
one more.

Electabuzz: I like him better than Hitmonchan at the moment, as 'chan isn't
very good against raindance. Though i'm not quite sure how popular raindance
is without fossil available. Well, either way, i think he's better, overall,
than 'chan.

Khangaskhan: These are fine, maybe another one.

Jigglypuff: I'm not sure about these either. Against mimes and mono psy deck
they're a beating, but against most anything else they kinda suck. I might
put in either ditto or Mr.Mime to replace him, but have yet to test out
dit... oh wait, you don't have fossil yet. Hmmm, i guess you either stick
with Jiggly or try out Mr.Mime. I think you know the
adavantages/disadvantages of each, so i'll let you decide.


Normally i would question why you have a single of any trainer, but in the
case of gambler i can make an exception. They're not really good in
multiples, as the only time you want to use them is to prevent from decking
yourself, and you should only need one of them to prevent that.
A for the rest of the trainers. Try to get another super energy removal fit
in here somewhere (maybe take out one ER?). They work great with Mewtwo
Energy Absorption.


22 is just about the right number for the current haymaker.


Your problem with mulliganing so much is pretty much a given with the low
amount of pokemon in the deck. Unless you boost up the amount of pokemon to
12-15 then you will continue to have that problem. Unless you plan to do
that you will just have to deal with your opponent having two more cards
than you.

Thats it, hope this helped.

Justusdux "Dux"
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