>From: "Steve Ingoldsby" <s_ingoldsby@hotmail.com>
>To: me_god_u_jane@hotmail.com
>Subject: Oddish Does the Wave
>Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2000 17:30:53 PST
>I was reading what you had posted and I saw the guy who got forth in the MA
>tourney.  Guess which deck got second this one.  Another tourney is coming
>up and I would really like to win, and you being the man thought you could
>improve it.
>Pokemon 19
>4 oddish
>3 gloom
>2 Vilaplume
>4 Jigglypuff
>2 Wiggleytuff
>4 Syther (all around the best pokemon)
>Trainers 16
>4 Bill (for speed)
>2 Oak (saved me several times)
>4 ER (great against haymakers)
>4 SER (also great against haymakers)
>2 GOW (to kill who I want)
>Energy 25
>4 Double Colorless
>21 Leaf
>My Stratigy is in the begging use oddish to fill up the bench. After that I
>use syther as a staller and great hitter.  With that I use Wigglytuffs do
>the wave as a heavy hitter.  In the meantime I evolve to villaplume to
>finish whats left of the oppenenets pokemon. I already explained the
>Trainers so I guess I'm done.  Oh yeah I like your new setup.


Congratulations on your finish. Nice to see who got second place, but i have
a question... who finished first?


Oh, the deck again. I like the idea of using the oddish's to get your bench
full instead of drawing them out like most other wiggly decks. It prevents
from decking, but gives less options. It's kind of a toss up who's method is


Maybe another wigglytuff in here.


Super energy removal is not seen in wiggly decks at all, and theres a
reason. You should be trying to get wiggly out as fast as possible with a
full bench established, and knocking out a pokemon a turn. Rather than
slowing them down enough to finish them. So as a possible replacement for
them i would suggest using plus powers. They allow you to finish off any bbp
with one attack rather than previously using two attacks.


Take out two to three grass energy, and put in two item finders, and if you
removed a third use that space for another Wiggly.

And ta-da!! Not much has changed.

Justudux "Dux"

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