>From: Beav2478@aol.com
>To: Dux@pojo.com
>Subject: help
>Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 17:15:25 EST
>hi this is chris b again i need help with my new deck the new haymaker
>4x machops
>2x hitmonchan
>9x fighting energy
>1x scyther (only have one)
>4x farfetch'd
>2x dce
>1 electabuzz (only have one)
>12 lighting energies
>3x bills
>4x potions
>4x super potions
>1x professer oak
>2x pluspowers
>2x defenders
>1x energy search
>3x gow
>2x item finders
>2x er's
>1x ser
>12x pokemon
>21x energys
>25x trainers
>2x dce
>60x cards
>email me at beav2478@aol.com


Does that really say 12 (!!) electric energy? For one Electabuzz? Now, who
else thinks thats just wrong?


I'm not sure what i will do with electabuzz and his large following of
energy. Probably take them out for something cheaper i spose.


As previously stated that single electabuzz probably wont make it to the
final version of the deck. So whats a cheap replacement for him? It has to
be a good, cheap, BBP. THe cheapest BBP's are Magmar and Jynx, do those are
the options.

Jynx has a bad weakness (too many good psychics now), and has one mediocre
move and one slightly overcosted move. Everything else about him is the same
as Electabuzz (HP/Retreat). To summarize: he's not the man.

Magmar also has a bad weakness (Raindance is second most popular). Both of
his moves do very little damage but have some really good effects, they're
cost efficient too. His retreat cost is much better than Electabuzz, and
everything else is the same. To summarize: i think we found the replacement.
So four of them are immediately plopped in. We had a total of 12 spots empty
when we took out electabuzz (and friends), so with the magmar's in we have
eight spots for fire energy.
Well that replaces him nicely, now onto the rest of the pokemon.

Machop: A cheap replacement for Hitmonchan... almost. Cut these down to two
and replace with Hitmonchan. You can get them very cheap at
"metaexchange.com", and no i'm not advertising for them. They just have
cheap prices.

Hitmonchan: See Machop.

Scyther: I would suggest metaexchange again, but they are very hard to come
by their. Even if you find them, they are usually overpriced (cheapest i've
seen is $4). For now though, that single scyther will do.

Farfetch'd: Almost a good scyther replacement... almost. Cut these down to

A total of thirteen pokemon... and now for something completely different.


Here's what i'm keeping.

3 Bill
1 Professor oak
3 gust of wind
2 item finder
2 energy removal
1 super energy removal

None of the other trainers quite fit in. As for the remaining trainers , you
can expect more of each, and maybe a couple scoop up's and CPU searches
also. Plus Power may or may not stay in.


23 is about the right amount, only difference in the final will be the

Here's the final version:

4 Hitmonchan
2 Machop

4 Magmar

2 Farfetch'd
1 Scyther (eeewwwww only one, need more)

4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Computer search
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust of wind
3 Scoop up
2 Item finder

11 Fighting Energy
10 Fire Energy
3 Double Colorless


Well you already know how to play the deck, so no explanation needed there.
Everything else is either already explained or is just commonplace to add
into a deck of this type.

Hope that helped, and didn't put you to sleep.

Justusdux "Dux"
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