>From: "YoungBryan Le" <mongoosemaniac@hotmail.com>
>To: dux@pojo.com
>Subject: THE SUPREME ALLIANCE(pokemon Deck)
>Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 02:41:13 GMT
My deck is called,  THE SUPREME ALLIANCE (like the name? i know i do!)
>4x Hitmonchan (quick n' fast)
>4x Scyther(My fav. card.  Scyther is very versitile with a good attack)
>3x Hitmonlee(Very good attacks, low retreat, wish HP was 70+ instead of 60)
>2x Jigglypuffs(Newbies of the deck.  good against physic now that physic is
>a popular deck choice major mime killer)
>2x Ditto(Helps me in situations when i have a weakness or something, and i
>need to get rid of it, but sometimes it does get locked, i.e. Mysterious
>Fossil, Clefairy Doll)
>1x Aredactyl(used to have 3, but slimmed it as i found out he istn' very
>good.  I only use him for pokemon power. i.e. say bye bye to evelution
>3x Energy Retrieval(Get those energy back)
>3x Energy Removal(Can you say, DISRUPTION?)
>3x Plus Power(what a haymaker without it?)
>2x Proffesor Oak(DRAW DRAW DRAW)
>2x Mysterious Fossil(Needed for Areodactyl, and to lock down dittos)
>3x Gust of Wind(Easy Kills)
>2x CPU search(Finds what i need)
>2x Scoop Up(that's all i have)
>21 Fighting energy(your probably thinking what that's it? well hey, my
>pokemon don't need that many energys, and if they do, that when energy
>retrieval comes in handy, and besides, i don't know what to take out to put
>more in)
>60(of course)
>my deck's strategy is to attack fast and K.O. pokemon as quickly as
>before they knew what hit em'. if they are basics, and lead up to good
>pokemon, for example, squirtle, abra, gastly, then that's when Aerodactyl
>comes in (pokemon power).  I try to keep him on the bench though just for
>the pokemon power.  I use Scyther, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee as the "Big
>Hitters" of my deck.  They hit really hard and energy need ain't that bad.
>Retreat cost are also low.
> When I'm in big need of it, I use this plan called, my hit and retreat.
>When my oppenet is starting to pull away with the lead, i hit as hard as i
>can, then retreat, and hit hard again trying to keep damage as low as
>possible without my oppenent getting more prizes, and if possible, sccop
>them up, if all else fails, then i send out my Scythers to hit with 30,
>retreat for free, and send out another and keep doing this.
>please "DUX" please help me, as i find this deck is excellent, but for some
>reason i don't think it's up to it's fullest.  if you can please help me.
>email me if you can at mongoosemaniac@hotmail.com


The deck desperately needs some double colorless in it.


The deck is good enough to not have to go through a full review of every
card in the deck. Here's a couple tips:

Using one Aerodactyl is pointless, so either dump them or bump them up to
two or three. If you remove them you should consider putting in another bill
and another plus power. If you decide to use more take out the hitmonlee's
for their places.

Like i said above, you need some double colorless energy in the deck. Taking
out four fighting energy shouldn't decrease the consistency of the deck.

The deck could be better with the help of Super Energy Removals, but there
just isn't much space in the deck as long as it has Aerodactyl and fossils
in it.

Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"
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