Hello, I've been waiting for you. Watch your step. We have a tiny
little friend running around the office...

     See, this building I'm in is about 40-50 years old and it's not
unthinkable that maybe some mice have found their way into the framework by
now. Well, there's this one, real brave fellow, who popped his head out from
behind the closet doorframe this morning. I heard a shriek, ran out and
found my secretary tiptoeing like a crazywoman on her desk, frantically
waving a pencil toward the wall.

     I turned around and there he was, staring me down with those steely
grey pupils. I think I'll name him Ike. My secretary wants to name him
Hoover-Bait. . .

     But enough about that, come into my office and try to avoid anything
that makes a loud squeak when stepped upon. Tell me about your deck and what
the trouble is.

>the goal of my deck(named "ULTIMATE AGILITY") is to stall the opponent
>forever. chansey, agility, gust of winf, dodrio, and potion/super potion do
>this. in making this deck i forgot the energy removal, but it still works
>1-computer search
>2-energy retrieval
>2-super potion
>3-gust of wind
>4-double colorless

            Hmmm...yes. Right off the bat, I see one major problem with this
deck. The fact that Agility style techniques aren't the most reliable, nor
the most effective damagewise. Nobody alive can legitimately flip nothing
but heads. This means that on the average, you'll still get hit 50% of the
time. It's a good stall tactic, but worthless if you're not going to bring
out anything better.
            Combine this with the fact that you're stretching 3 colors. and
we're talking very iffy strategy. If you want to stall the opponent forever,
you should try a Psychic/Colorless WallStall deck. Check the Killer Deck
Archives for numerous examples of this deck archetype.
             It is conceivable that you can stall with Agility while
bringing out more powerful guns, but it's a strategy that I would recommend
not overdoing. Keep the Agility creatures to a useful few, and substitute
more powerful creatures of the same type.

            You need to cut one of the colors right out of the deck from the
beginning. Tri-color decks can work, but not like this. In this case I'm
going to insist that you remove two of your colors: Water and Electric.
Neither will be particularly kind to your cause.

            Of all the Agility creatures, Haunter is by far the best. His
Pokemon Power is Agility, and it costs you no Energy to use. And by using
Haunter, you'll need to run Gastly which gives you more energy retrieving
            Of the non-Haunter Agility creatures, Rapidash has to be the
best. His Agility deals 30 damage versus everyone else's 20.
            You can splash in some Scythers, since they really require no
Grass Energy to do their thing, a couple Chanseys for good wall action and
some Mr. Mimes for additional stall power.

       (Loud scream from distance) "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!"

           Ooh! Ike must be back hold on..I gotta see him again. Here, break
up these cookies into bite size chunks for me.

            Oh...my...god...C'mere! Quick! Ike has my secretary
cornered..Get her Ike!! Look, she's clutching at the wall. This is payback
for that whole circus fish thing she went through last week, hehe...
            Oh, she's moving...moving...moving some more...Oh no she's got a
copy of People!! Run Ike!! Go! Go for the doorframe...almost there..he got
it!! Yes!!

            What? Yes I am rooting for the mouse thank you. No, you don't
get hazard pay for this. Go type something. . .Oh you never even met my

             Ok, back to the office. I was just about to...did you spill
those cookie crumbs all over? I'll have to Dirt Devil them later...thanks.
Oh well, c'est la vie.
            About your Trainers. They're not the worst selection I've ever
seen, but I'd still stay away from the Gambler. Yeah, the 50/50 thing is
right in theme, but you're taking enough chances as it is. Put in more Bills
and some Professor Oaks. No deck should be without these cards. Lose the
potions, you'll still be avoiding damage sometimes, which puts you up on
your opponent still. Toss in a couple Super Energy Removals to give your
opponent something to think about while his Pokemon sit around, and you'll
be doing pretty good.

           Here's a run down of what I think your Agility deck should look

          3 Fossil Gastlys
          2 Fossil Haunters
          2 Chanseys
          2 Mr. Mimes
          3 Ponytas
          2 Rapidashes
          4 Scythers
          2 Fossil Magmars

          4 Bills
          2 Professor Oaks
          4 Gusts of Wind
          1 Computer Search
          2 Item Finders
          4 Super Energy Removals

          4 Double Colorless Energies
          10 Fire Energy
          9 Psychic Energy

       This combination has one added advantage: You can pretty much retreat
as often as you want. Scyther, Haunter and Rapidash all have no retreat
cost. The Magmars and Mr. Mimes both have just 1. Only the Chansey requires
the loss of 2 Energy.
       Also, you won't be weak to any one type of creature. This is to your
advantage especially since you've got 3 different angles to attack your
opponent, and some very beneficial Resistances as well.

       I think you'll find that this deck offers you the best of the Agility
strategy without using the watered down creatures that usually accompany
that attack. Your only problem will be a lack of major damage dealers.
Chansey can do a good chunk, but use it's Double-Edge sparingly. It's
deadly. Use the Gusts of Wind wisely. They're probably your best weapon
toward getting those Prizes in this deck.

       And with that, my friend, you are cured. I must say I'm pleased with
this one; I've been wanting to do an Agility deck for some time, but needed
someone to send me a good enough one. You can leave payment with my
secretary, who, by the looks of things, has solved the problem in her own,
misguided way.

       And how long do you expect to have your chair up on the desk like
that? Mmmm-hmmmmm. And you're going to type how?? Mmmm-hmmm. Whatever floats
your boat, so long as the work gets done. I think I'm going to go down to
the cafe and get a nice cheese sandwich.

               Whassat?. . .My mother did no such thing, thank you.

                    Good Luck, and have fun,

                      Dr. Crash-Landon (and Ike)

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