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Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 21:44:09 +0100

>Hey Aaron,
>let me introduce myself, I am known as WebLord X - Ruler of the Internet.
>I live in a f%#*@*d up country called Holland or the Netherlands, well anyway it sucks, they don't have much manga related stuff and if they have anything it costs a fortune ( pokemon fossil/jungle boosters $7,50 ) Anyways, I don't have any other way to spend my money so I managed to collect over 1000 cards in 4 months ( yeah, that's sick, wanna buy my collection of 94 charmanders? )
>Fossil and Jungle are kinda new here so I bought only a couple of boosters ( 3 zapdos' in a row, moltres, muk etcetera.. ) and broke my 'basic' deck apart ( it was a raindance deck.. ) and wanna start building a new one based on ruinin' the life of my opponents ( like I did with the raindance one.. :D I was pumped in a couple of turns and lot of energy removals... you get my point.. ) , and you seem to be a real PokeMon prof. so I thought you might help me out.. Could you list the colors for me and tell me why they rock or suck.. and maybe some kewl combo's
>Something like :
>Fire - has strong attacks, but you have 2 discard a lot or flip coins and if tails the attack does nottin'
>PokeFlute and Gust of Wind.
>Kill a weak pokemon like diglett, use PokeFlute, Gust him, kick his ass and voila, another price..
>Defender and Magnemite etc.
>well, whatever
>I'll send in my deck later..
>ThanX 4 your reply..

This gives me another opportunity to give some deck building advice for newer trainers.  There's no deck fix here, instead I'll list my favorite cards from the Jungle and Fossil sets.  All the cards listed below are good cards you should trade for to use in your decks...

Grass-Jungle: Scyther, Pinsir, Exeggcute, Exeggutor
      Fossil: Grimer, Muk

Fighting-Jungle: none
         Fossil: Aerodactyl, Hitmonlee

Water-Jungle: none
      Fossil: Articuno, Lapras, Psyduck, Golduck

Psychic-Jungle: Mr. Mime
        Fossil: Gastly, Haunter, Gengar

Fire-Jungle: Rapidash
     Fossil: Moltres, Magmar

Electric-Jungle: Pikachu
         Fossil: none

Colorless-Jungle: Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Lickitung
          Fossil: Ditto

Trainers-Jungle: none
         Fossil: Energy Search, Mr. Fuji

These cards above are solid cards that fit into most decks well, use them!  The cards listed below are bad, BAD cards that should be used under NO circumstances!

Grass-Jungle: Nidorina, Nidoqueen, entire Bellsprout line, & Paras line
      Fossil: Ekans line

Fighting-Jungle: Cubone line, Rhyhorn line, & Mankey line
         Fossil: Geodude line

Water-Jungle: Goldeen line
      Fossil: Cloyster line, Tentacool Line

Psychic-Jungle: none
        Fossil: Slowpoke line

Fire-Jungle: none
     Fossil: none

Electric-Jungle: none
         Fossil: none

Colorless-Jungle: Eevee and all evolutions, Snorlax, & Meowth line
          Fossil: none

Trainers-Jungle: Pokeball
         Fossil: Recycle

Use these two lists as referrences when building a new deck...also don't forget to use the deck building rules posted on my garage!

Hope this helps...have fun!