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From: "Pyro Maniac" <pyroboi69@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 00:24:31 GMT

>Hi Aaron,
>My name is Erik and I was really hoping if you can help me on my deck.  None of the mechanics has responded to me and I was hoping if you can help me.  I need to know your oppinion before Saturday becuase I have a tournament.  The deck is called "Evolution Stopper".  I do not have Mew in there because i think he isn't really good.  I admit that he has some good attack such as "Devolution Beam" but I think Aerodactly is good enough for me.  May you please respond.  Thanks a lot =]
>2 Ditto I like Ditto, he can annoy your opponent
>3 Lapras Awesome pokemon, he can confuse you for 2 energy
>3 Aerodactyl Pokemon power to shut down evolutions
>4 Scythers free retreat, good attacker, main attacker
>4 Electabuzz one of the BEST haymaker players out there
>4 Mysterious Fossil Needed for Aerodactyl
>2 Scoop up Scoop up your pokemon just incase it is needed
>2 Traders Trade for Aerodactyl ASAP
>2 Computer Search Search for anything you need such as a Ditto
>2 Professor Oaks It is Oak!!!
>2 Bills It is BILL!!!
>2 Super Energy Removal Piss your opponent more =]
>3 Energy Removal Piss off your opponent
>4 Double Colorless Energy
>10 Water Energy
>12 Lightning Energy
>The strategy is to get Aerodactly As Soon As Possible to stop all evolutions and have Electabuz or Scyther to finish off the little pokemon.  Ditto is there to change into any pokemon that he has such as MMP.  One hit he is dead.  Lapras is used to kill Mr. Mimes and to stall while he is out there if he is needed to stall that is. My problem is I do not know if my deck is good enough.

I like Aerodactyl.  There, I said it(please don't send hate-mail)!
Here's why... 
Aerodactyl has a colorless attack that doesn't require Fighting Energy.  This allows him to be splashed into any deck, much like Scyther. 

Of course we know how Aerodactyl's Pokemon Power can shut down decks based on Evolutions.

And yes, there are tons and tons of playable Pokemon with resistance to Fight(Scyther, Gastly line)...but on the other hand there are tons of playable Pokemon with weakness to Fighting(Electabuzz, Wigglytuff).   

All the benefits of Aero' make him very diverse...there are very few situations when he won't be a benefit.

OK, got that rant out of the way...now for my "Fix".  I liked the over all set-up of the deck but was confused why you'd add a whole color just for Lapras.  Don't get me wrong, Lapras is very solid...but I think this deck can work fine without them. 

4 Electabuzz
4 Scyther
3 Ditto
2 Aerodactyl

3 Mysterious Fossil
3 Scoop Up<---Scoop and Fossil help since you have few Pokemon in deck
3 Bill
3 Professor Oak
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
3 Computer Search<---will help build Aerodactyl quickly if needed
2 Item Finder

4 Double Colorless Energy
18 Electric Energy

By taking out the Water energy I was able to make a mono-color deck with 4 sources of damage(Electirc, Colorless, Grass, and Fighting).  This gives you the consistency of only needing 1 energy type but ensures you won't get screwed easily by resistance like some mono-color decks.

Hope this helps...have fun!