Aargh.  Too many singles.  I usually delete decks with a 1/1 evolution line,
but I'm being generous as part of my rehabilitation.  Let's get started.

SINGLES ARE BAD.  Gee, have I mentioned that before?  Lose the Eevee and
Jolty, and lose the Chansey.  Replace that straggling Base Magmar with
another Fossil Mags.  You have 4 Moltres... hm.  4 Moltres but only one
Buzz?  What?  Drop Molty, put in 3 more Buzz.  3 Zapdos is too much, drop it
to two.

*deep breath*

Okay, make those base Pikas either the Jungle or League Promo version. 
Don't get too happy with the Movie Promo... it's not as good as the Jungle,
IMO.  One should be okay, though.  The Raichus are nice.  Is that... yes, I
think that's it on the Pokemon.  *whew*

Your trainers are better.  Much better.  Lose the potions, though.  Drop an
ER, add two SER.  3 CompSearches is a lot, maybe lose one for an ItemFinder.
  If you want, add a second ItemFinder.  They're handy.  With the leftover
card, you could add a Kangy.  The card drawing, y'know.

Finally, even up the energy.  You have some big fatties in here, and 9
Lightning ain't gonna cut it.  I've whacked the Moltres, so switch the E
around to say... 14 Light/10 Fire.

Done.  That took a lot out of me, but I feel I'm a better man for it. 
*snicker*  Yeah, right.


>From: PlNGP0NG@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: can you help me on this deck?
>Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 17:52:07 EST
>15 electric energies
>9 fire energies
>4 moltres
>3 fossil zapdos
>1 electabuzz
>2 fossil magmar
>1 base magmar
>2 base pikachu
>1 jungle pikachu
>1 movie promo pikachu
>2 fossil raichu
>1 base raichu
>1 chansey
>1 eevee
>1 jolteon
>2 professor oak
>3 computer search
>3 potion
>3 bill
>4 energy removal
>please help me make this a good one..thanks man

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