>From: "Celia Thomas" <celiathomas@home.com>
>Reply-To: "Celia Thomas" <celiathomas@home.com>
>To: <zluther@hotmail.com>
>Subject: Grass Act
>Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 09:34:09 -0500
>Dear Zach,
>      I have a Venasaur deck that I think is a decent deck, but I think you
>could make it really good. The strategy is to try and get out a Venasaur
>early and use my colorless Pokemon to stall or do big attacks.  If that
>doesn't work, I try using Venomoth and Scyther rotating to stall or get a
>few KO's until I get the others.
>      I have a tournament on the 20th of February and I should be getting
>another Venasaur in the mail after that. So, if you get to me by the 20th
>don't include another Venasaur.  I would REALLY  appreciate if you
>responded to this.
>                                                  Sincerely,
>                                                  Will
>    Venasaur's Power
>     Pokemon:
>4 Bulbasaur
>2 Ivysaur
>2 Venasaur
>3 Venonat
>2 Venomoth
>4 Scyther
>2 Kangaskan
>2 Chansey
>1 Snorlax
>     Trainers:
>3 Item Finder
>3 Computer Search
>3 Pokemon Trader
>2 Professor Oak
>4 Pokemon Center
>2 Pokemon Breeder
>     Energy:
>20 Grass
You're looking pretty good here.  I like most of what I see, but there are a
few things I wonder about.  So you're getting another Venusaur, eh?  Okay,
that will make this a very Energy Trans centred deck.  Now on to the fix:

Your grass pokÚs look perfect.  The Kangys are good too, but I don't think
Chansey is necessary here.  Likewise, Snorlax is just too slow to be that
useful.  Other than that... great job on the pokemon.

Okay, you look to be a mite short in the E department now.  Use those 3 card
slots we cleared up to get put in 3 DCE.

Your trainers are great, but I do wish you had some Bills in here.  I'm
trying to think of a way to add more... hm.  You could drop a Centre, a
Trader, and an ItemFinder for 3 of 'em.  Since you only had 59 cards to
begin with, you don't have to take anything out for that third Venus.

Hey, great job!  This should be a pretty nasty grass deck to face... the
power and versitility of Venusaur, the status effects of Venomoth, and the
speed of Scyther.  Good work, and good luck.


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