I have a deck called Damage Stop. Not swap. Stop. Ok. It is Water/ Fire. The main goal is to make it so your opponent can't attack you. To do this I us attacks like Agility, Smokescreen etc. It is very frustrating for the opponent when you've just done 20 or 30 damage and they can't attack you. I think this deck needs some help though. Here it is (I have more than 60 cards so I need help w/ that too)
2 Fossil Magmar
2 Basic Magmar
2 Ponyta
1 Rapidash
1 Moltres

3 Psyduck
2 Golduck
2 Horsea
1 Seadra

2 Spearow
1 Fearow

1 Item Finder
2 Computer Search
1 Pokemon Trader
1  Scoop Up
1 Lass
1 Professor Oak
3 Bill
3 Energy Search
2 Energy Removal
1 Super Potion
2 Switch
3 Potion

2 Double Colorless
10 Water
12 Fire
Thanx 4 your help



You've got 64 cards here, and that's not good. You need to focus a little more, and you should drop some Pok閙on. I like the idea, though, It'll drive your opponent nuts.


You could probably drop a family or two here, and balance the evolution lines more. Let's look at the Fire first. Take the Magmar down to three, and make them all Fossil, they fit the theme more and are stronger than Base. Take out that Moltres, they works best in stall decks centered around them. Make the Rapidash line 3/2.

For Water, though they're both pretty good, I'd take out the Golduck and Seadra lines for a Dewgong line and a couple Lapras. Here's why: first, you already have a lot of evolution and too much can make it hard to evolve when you need to. Also, Lapras is a nice basic that can confuse and Dewgong can dish out some heavy damage. Lastly, take out the Fearow line for two Scyther. You don't have enough space to make it 3/2, and two evolution lines is enough.


This needs some work, mainly because of all the singles. First, let's take care of dropping the unnecessary stuff. Take out the Itemfinder, the Trader, the Scoop up, the Energy Search, and the Potins and Super Potion. This frees up a ton of space. In fact, we have six slots to fill now. First, add one more Bill and Professor Oak. Add one more Energy Removal and two Super Energy Removal, these work best with a lot of them and two won't do much for you. You may be wondering about that lone Lass in there. I was very skeptical about this card at first, but it's surprising how it can cripple your opponent if used at the right time. I haven't played with it much yet, but it's beginning to see some use. I left it at one because you need the space and it isn't crucial to your game, only some help.


Your costs are about equal now, I'd take out a Fire and add a Water. That's it, here's the deck.
Pokemon (19)
3 Fossil Magmar
3 Ponyta
2 Rapidash
4 Seel
3 Dewgong
2 Lapras
2 Scyther

Trainers (17)
2 Computer Search
1 Lass
2 Professor Oak
4 Bill
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Switch

Energy (24)
2 Double Colorless
11 Water
11 Fire
It's more balanced now, I got rid of all those singles in there, fixed up the families, and cut some Pok閙on. The Energy is kinda low, so you might add some more if you find yourself losing often to Energy Removal. Hope it works better!

~ Souper ~