Here is my Deck. I've won many times with it and I think it pretty good all pokemon here have low (or no) retreat cost except nidoking(a high retreat) and Venasaur(medium retreat). That saves alot of energy for atacking. Also venasuar's pokemon power helps even more because instead of retreating and promoting a pokemon thats powered up you can just move energy! The chansey is just to stall a little if needed and the rest are just pwerful hitters!

4 Weedle
3 Kakuna
2 Beedrill
3 Bubasaur
2 Ivysaur
1 Venasaur
2 Nidoran (male)
2 Nidorino
1 Nidoking
3 Zubat
2 Golbat
1 Chansey
1 Pinsir
2 Computer search (To get the card you need)
2 Gust of wind (To blow in that low HP pokemon)
1 Super Energy Removal (To make them mad (Just kidding) )
1 Bill (Need I say more?)
1 Mr. Fuji (For that weak one one the bench)
1 Pokemon Trader (To get that certain pokemon)
1 Pokemon breeder (To skip that annoying stage 1 pokemon)
1 Oak (To get cards)
1 Defender (for Defense)
1 Gambler (I use it just like oak)
21 Grass energy
SO that's my deck....
Thanking you in advance


Hmm, the red evolution light is flashing... Three Stage Two's?!? We'll have to deal with that. Fairly standard Grass deck past that. I think Nidoking's a great Pok閙on, but right now his Psychic weakness will be his downfall. Promo Mewtwo'll take him out before he's fully out of his Pok閎all.


Take out the King to open five spaces. We still have two Stage Two's, though, and you normally want to avoid that. Venusaur will probably be the most beneficial because it's a mono Grass deck, but Beedrill's fairly strong pre-evolutions and cheap attack and retreat are very nice. Let's put in Venomoth, similar to a mini-Beedrill, instead. Still has the cheap attack and retreat, nice HP, and good status effects. Throw in four Venonat and three Venomoth in place of the Beedrill line. Zubat and Golbat aren't that great, they have weak attacks and kind of low HP. I'd take them out and use the space to balance the Venusaur family, add one of each of those. Chansey is a good staller, but in this situation Kangaskhan would work better. Kangaskhan can stall too, but can also help you draw the cards you need. Take out the chansey and add two Kangaskhan. Lastly, let's add some more strong basics, like two Scyther and another Pinsir.


This needs a lot of work too, mostly because you have just one of most of these. First, take out the Defender, which doesn't really help much, and the Gambler, which is too unpredictable. Now that we've cut all those Stage Twos, drop the Breeder and Trader, which isn't really necessary with the two Computer Search in there. We've got nine slots open now, so let's get to the additions. Add three Bill and another Professor Oak, that should give you enough card drawing. Fugi would work very well here, once Venusaur is out you can Fuji without losing any Energy. I think Scoop Up would work even better, though, because you can then immediately play it back down and put the Energy back on it. Drop Fuji and add three Scoop Up. To finish the Trainers, take out that Super Energy Removal. These cards only do significant damage when you have several, and you don't have room for more.


Not much wrong here, other than you're a little short. We've got four slots left, how about three Double Colorless and one more Grass? That's about it, let's take a look.
Pok閙on (22)
4 Venonat
3 Venomoth
4 Bubasaur
3 Ivysaur
2 Venasaur
2 Kangaskhan
2 Pinsir
2 Scyther

Trainers (13)
2 Computer search  
2 Gust of wind   
4 Bill  
2 Oak 
3 Scoop Up

Energy (25)
22 Grass energy
3 Double Colorless
Without all those Stage Twos, you'll have a much easier time evolving. Venusaur can speed up the attacking by circulating the Energy. Kangaskhan can fetch and stall, and deal some damage if necessary. Move the Energy when you use Scoop Up, and you can play it back down and move the Energy back the same turn. Hope this works better,
~ Souper ~