Kabuto has informed me that someone has brought another Charizard in the building. I've learned from my mistakes, though. This time I've disabled the emergency sprinkler system... Let's see what he wants. 北北北北北北北北北北北北北北北
I revised this deck after fossil came out. It focuses around using Wigglytuff's and Charizrds. I have the Impostor Prof. Oak I there because he always comes in handy if I'm against a water deck (it could make or break a game). The pokedex is in there so I can tell if I need to use the Poke traders. The Ditto is in there so I can use him in the later or early game if I have no other Pokemon. The potions are in there to help against strong attackers. It's mostly a full out, nonstop offensive deck, or if it really needs, to be a sponge. I could use a fossil Magmar, but I can't find the room.
4-2-2 Charizard Run
3-2 Wigglytuff Run
1 Ditto

4 Bill
2 Breeder
2 Trader
2 Defender
4 Potion
2 Mr. Fuji
1 Pokedex
1 Impostor Oak

4 Double Colorless
1 Psy. (ran out of fire)
23 Fire Energy



This is the weirdest Charizard deck I've seen yet, though that's not necessarily a bad thing. Some questionable Trainers in there, and not too many Pok閙on; only eight Basics and three families, one of those consisting of only one Pok閙on. Not to mention that Charizard isn't exactly the best choice either. But, I gotta stick to the strategy... Let's get on with the fix.


My first thought is that you need more firepower. Charizard is a highly unstable card, sometimes it comes through and sometimes it's eaten up, depending on the situation. With only eight Basics, Wigglytuff won't be waving that well either. Charizard actually works best as a late-game fighter; since he usually only knocks out one or two, he can actually work fairly well taking out the last prize or two without getting killed himself. The problem is taking it down to the last couple prizes. Let's add three Fossil Magmar, two Scyther, and one more Charmeleon. This really ups your attack force, and since Charizard will come out later in the game, you'll have time to build him up. Meantime, attack with Magmar, Ditto, Scyther, and even Charmeleon, a good and underused Fire Stage One.


This needs a lot of work. You'll need to drop a lot to open space for all the Pok閙on, and though you tried to explain some of them, there are some Trainers in there that are... Well, not that great. Potions, Defenders, Pok閐ex, and Imposter Professor Oak can all go. These cards are considered not valuable enough in play to compensate for the space they take up in the deck. In other words, you can find better use of the space. Potions/Defenders- don't prevent enough damage to worry about. Pok閐ex- better alternatives, like Bill and Professor Oak. Imposter Oak- Is Professor Oak good? Because that's what your opponent gets when you play this card, with the added bonus of no discarding.

Breeders work best when you have more than one different Stage Two or when you need to evolve very quickly, neither of which applies here. Take out Breeders too. We've now brought it down to 56 cards. Add two Professor Oak to enhance your card drawing, drop the Traders and add a Computer Search, and add two Gust of Wind. Retreivals would work well here for when you send Charizard out, possibly to recycle used Double Colorless. You need a bit more space, though. Drop one Bill and add two Energy Retreivals.


Not too much to do here. Since Charizard burns Energy so fast, I didn't add any other Energy discarding Fire Pok閙on. Because of this, 24 Basic Energy should be okay, and the DCE help. DCE will help the Charizard line, Wigglytuff, Scyther, Ditto, and Retreat costs. Not bad. Energy isn't that hard to get, though, especially Fire Energy. Even if it's just for the sake of consistancy, switch that Psychic for another Fire.
Pokemon (20)
4 Charmander
3 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff
3 Magmar
1 Ditto
2 Scyther

Trainers (12)
3 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
1 Com. Search
2 Mr. Fuji
2 Gust of Wind
2 Energy Retreival

Energy (28)
4 Double Colorless
24 Fire
Looks a lot different, but I think it will be stronger. Those extra Basics enhance Do the Wave, give you more attacking force, and lower your chances of running out of Basics. The Trainers are better too. The lone Ditto is there because, while he can be good, it's impossible to know how he'll work, so I thought the one can stay for those situations where it would be beneficial to be your opponent. It also adds a little unpredictability for both you and your opponent. There is only one Com. Search because it's not crucial, but can come through if you really need a certain card. I'd like two, but you were short on room for Trainers. So, there you have it. I don't know how well any Charizard Deck would hold up in a tourney, but this one isn't completely reliant on Charizard, so it can play like a "Wavemaker" deck if necessary. Good luck,

~ Souper ~