I've decided to use a slightly different format for my fixes to make them a little more organized. Also, in the spirit of mascots and unseen voices, I sent out for a new Pok閙on to help me with my fixes, and it finally came! Please welcome... Kabuto! After he gets settled in, we should see some help from him in the fixes. So, with that aside, here's the next deck-
Hey souper! What's Up!

I built this deck called THE PAIN OF BEING A BENCH WARMER. Long title, yes, but normally the games don't last long enough for it to matter what the title is. The deck fairs pretty well, so far it is 6-0. Not too shabby, but there can be improvements. First the deck:


4x Zapdos

2x Movie Pikachu
2x Jungle Pikachu
3x Fossil Riachu

4x Fossil Gastly
3x Fossil Haunter
2x Fossil Gengar


2x Pokemon Trader
2x Professor Oak
4x Bill
2x Energy Removal
2x Gust of Wind
2x Switch


14x Electric Energy
12x Psychic Energy

The obvious strategy is Bench Destruction. The reason I have the Pikachus the way they are is because Movie Pikachu can pump-up Riachu faster, and Jungle Pikachu damages the bench. Should I leave it like this or do I go 4 on one side? Are there any Colourless (or Colorless for all you yankees out there) Pokemon you think I should add?

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I've got a term for this situation- overstrategication (hehe). Basically, it's an overkill on the strategy. I've tried this type of deck before, and I just couldn't get the Pok閙on out. Look at Raichu and Zapdos, and you'll notice a four Electric Energy cost. Not to mention, Zapdos normally kills itself. This is bad, especially with all the Energy Removals out there. Gengar can be nice because of it's Pok閜ower, and the Promo Pikachu would help build up Energy for Raichu, but if you don't have the raichu to evolve the Pikachu eats up your energy trying to support itself. Plus, since his energy-searching attack takes a turn, not only do you lose an attack but your opponent gets one on Pikachu before you can evolve. Basically, you need some more solid fighters to back up your strategy.


First, the Zapdos have to go. His attack is okay, but his Energy cost and the damage he deals himself (compounded with the luck of the WoTC coins) makes him too easy a target. Raichu can stay, but not in high frequency. Take out one Raichu and one Promo Pikachu. You're only gonna save one turn with Recharge, and then he's vulnerable next turn. The Jungle mouse's got a more efficient attack for when you don't have that Raichu and it fits better with the theme. We now have six open spaces. Let's add three Electabuzz and three Promo Mewtwo.


Trainers are okay, pretty much the standard deal, but you could use some more Removals. Take out the Switch and add two Energy Removal and two Super Energy Removal. Lastly, switch the Traders for two of the more versatile Com. Search.


The only thing I'd do here is drop two Electric Energy. This should take you back to 60 cards and you can afford it since you dropped the Zapdos and slimmed the Raichu line. So, let's take a look

Pok閙on (20)
1 Movie Pikachu
2 Jungle Pikachu
2 Fossil Riachu
4 Fossil Gastly
3 Fossil Haunter
2 Fossil Gengar
3 Electabuzz
3 Mewtwo

Trainers (16)
2 Com. Search
2 Professor Oak
4 Bill
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind

Energy (24)
12 Electric Energy
12 Psychic Energy

That came together more easily than I expected. I hope it works better too. Gengar can work from the bench for quicker kills or attack, Raichu can come out and shock the bench when powered up, and Mewtwo and 'Buzz are in there for some good solid damage...

Kabuto, what are you...?  AAAHH!! GET AWAY FROM THAT!  


(grabs fire extinguisher) Gotta go... ~ Souper ~