SATOSHI: Well, ladies and grems, it has finally happened. My stock boy has
gone totally nutso and barricaded(sp?) himself in the frozen foods asile
until, and I quote, "they stop making tuna out of dolphins." It's not that
I'm against porpoise-friendly tuna, it's just that...well...the customers
are really getting irked, and they want frozen foodstuffs.*sigh* Will the
madness ever end?
Hey Satoshi, your articles are great but your deck garage is even
better!(smiles and nods)

Enough sucking-up.  This Deck is a Wigglytuff-Haymaker.  I tried to fix it
up before I sent it to, so what do you think?
I had 4 bills, but when I played the deck I didn't need 4.
I had 2 Scythers, but i replaced them with Mr. Mime to help with the psy
weakness(YES. MR. MIME IS WEAK TO PSY. I KNOW THAT, but his wall stops most
psy guys from hurting him)

14 Pokemon
4 Hitmonchan
3 Mewtwo(Movie promo)
2 Mr. Mime
2 Wigglytuff
3 Jigglypuff

23 Trainers
2 Scoop Up
1 Comp. Search
1 Item Finder
4 Plus Power
2 Energy Retrieval
3 Prof. Oak
2 Gambler
2 Energy Removal
2 Bill

23 Energy
10 Fighting
11 Psychic

PLEASE HELP ME!!! (sorry) Oh, I hope that Dr. Crash's Patients haven't been
bothering you lately.=P

SATOSHI: Okay, We've got people to help. Let's get movin'!
Okay, the pokemon don't really need much help. The only thing I would do is
take out the itemfinder and the two energy retrieval for another jigglypuff,
wigglytuff, and a third DCE. That will help power up the jiggly/wiggly
faster. Moving on....
Hmmm...the trainers don't really need much work. I would suggest taking out
the two gamblers for two bills. Trust me, even in a partial hay, four bills
are a must. Everything else looks good.
Energy looks okay, the thrid DCE will help power up the jiggly/wiggly
Great deck. I love the "Do The Wave attack." Very annoying. =D

SATOSHI: Well, I suppose I should check on Mr. Porpoise Friendly over
there...hmmm...where is-Huh? Ack! Oh, no! L-Lookit this!!! He's INSIDE the
freezer!!!! H-He looks frozen solid!! Hey, here's a note; "Thaw me out in
2087, or when dolphins enslave mankind, whichever comes first."
Hmmm....Well, who am I to interfere...? C'ya later, everyone!!