SATOSHI: Okay, here's yet another deck for ya'll!
Hiya, Satoshi and Blastoise!!!!  i need your help to fix my deck cuz im
going to my first tourny with this particular deck.  Hope you can help me
and also maybe post this =) I call it the Toxic Wave. THANX!!

Pokémon: 18
4 Grimer (Evole into Muk)
3 Muk (Used for its Pokémon Power)
4 Jigglypuff (Good starter and to evole into Wigglytuff)
3 Wigglytuff (Awesome attacks, resistant to Psychic)
2 Scyther (probably, IMO the best Pokémon to start a game with)
2 Kangaskhan (Good staller and Fetch is a life saver)

Trainers: 17
4 Bill (2 free cards)
2 Prof. Oak (Card drawing)
2 CPU Search (Look for ANY card in your deck)
4 Energy Removal (Stall)
2 Super Energy Removal (Better stall)
3 Gust of Wind (Take out that scary looking Magikarp before it evoles)

Energy: 25
4 Double Colorless
21 Grass

STRATEGY: Use Scyther or Kangaskhan to start, Muk for its power and try to
get Wigglytuff pumped and have other Pokémon on the bench for Do The Wave.

Thanx again Satoshi and Blastoise!!!!!  =)
~~ XĄçhĎÇ ~~
SATOSHI: Well, we haven't had one of these in a while! A deck that looks
like it can hold it's own! God, job, and what a nice signature, I might add!
Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!!