SATOSHI: Hey, everyone...<<looks out window and grins>>...good, she's going
to her car...Huh? Oh, sorry. Dr. Landon's secretary somehow got behind the
front counter without me noticing and put crazy glue on my chair. Like it or
not, I'll be sitting down for a while. But I'l get her just
Dear Satoshi, I have been making a deck lately, and I ahve found it to be
somewhat consistent.  I would like to have advice from an expert like you to
know what to do in my deck.  it consists of:

23 Water energy

4  Squirtle
3  Wartortle
3  Blastoise

2  Poliwag
2  Poliwhirl
1  Poliwrath

3  Magikarp
3  Gyarados

2  Eevee
1  Vaporeon


4  Bill
3  Energy Removal
2  Professor Oak
1  Energy Retrieval
1  switch
1  Pokemon Breeder
1  Super Energy Removal

My strategy with this deck is easy to see.  I Use Blastoise's Rain Dance to
power up gyarados and Blastoise, and then use professor oak and Bill t get
more energy.  i can usually get a Blastoise or Gyarados out in 3 turns, so
is a fast growing deck.  I would like yor opinion on what to do with this
deck.  I know that is a good deck, but I still want to tweak it a little
Thank you for your time.
SATOSHI: Well, we've got some work to do, so let's do it.
Okay, the pokemon need to be slimmed down a bit. or starters, let's remove
the magikarp/gyarados line, as we'll need some space to bulk the reamining
families up. Anyway, with the 6 open spaces,  let's add a fourth blastoise
and three pokemon breeders, along with two more poliwags and a third
poliwhirl. Now, since we've got the pokemon breeders to help blastoise,
let's remove the three wartortles in favor of another poliwrath and another
eevee and vaporeon. Okay, the pokemon look good, so let's move on.
Okay, we need some direction with the trainers. Remove the energy retrieval
and switch for tw more super energy removals. You could also remove a
regular energy removal for a fourth super energy removal, but I'll leave
that up to you. Hey, the trainers are good, so "we're movin' on up..."
Energy is fine. 23 should last the game, just don't put any on pokes that
art gonna die in a turn or so.
Okay, I like where this deck went. We have the blastosie and vaproeon family
for offense, and blastoise can also power up poliwrath for a quick
whirlpool. Nice.

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for-<<loud scream>>-HA! Got 'er!<<runs outside,
can be heard in distance>> What's up, car on't start? Bummer...yeah, I've
got Tripple A...okay, be right back...<<back inside, laughing>> Yes! That
was perfect!! Huh?-<<looks back outside>>Hey...don't gimme that, I
did NOT touch your car...the engine's gone?<<snicker>>gee,
how<<snicker>>that happen?<<snicker, laugh>>...okay, so I told some people
that your car's alarm is broken, but...hey, don't forget about the crazy
glue ordeal...yeah, uh huh...hey!...ya know, that's not very lady
like!!!!<<looks back inside>>well, that's all for now, everyone. C'ya!