SATOSHI:<<laughing>> Hi, everyone. Before we get to the deck fix, I wanna
tell you all something....
I'm still getting responses to my Mew article where I said that besides
Gameshark or Gamegenie, there is no way to catch Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue,
or Yellow. Well, today, I got one where the sendee cursed me out and told me
he found the "real code." I told him to enlighten me. He then sent me the
GAMESHARK CODE. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I told him to read my article, as
I clearly stated the you could get mew with gameshark. Some people have a
hard time reading all caps, I tell ya....
Okay Satoshi I saw how you like mono-water decks so I have a deck that you
could work with.

3 Blastoise
2 Wartortle
4 Squirtle
3 Gyarados
4 Magikarp
3 Articuno
2 Lapras

2 Gust of Wind
2 Professor Oak
2 Energy Removal
4 Switch
2 Gambler
3 Computer Search
1 Pokemon Breeder

22 Water energy

    This is your typical Raindance deck. Get out Blastoise ASAP and pump out
the energy. Gyarados and Articuno are the primary attackers, while Lapras
watches for Mr. Mime. I have beaten almost every kind of deck with this one,
let me know what you think.

P.S. Was it a good move to take out a Gyarados for a Blastoise, which I did
earlier this week?
SATOSHI:<<grinning ear to ear>> Oh, boy, a mono-water deck...heheheh...let's
get to it.
Okay, the pokes need some work. First, the karp/dos line is now less
helpful, as electabuzz and scyther grow more and more popular. Take out the
line. In their place, add another articuno and two more lapras. Okay, with
the four spaces left, let's add another blastoise, and three more pokemon
breeder. Now, moving on to the trainers.
Now, the trainers need work too. Take out the energy removals for two bill,
and remvoe your two wartortle for two more bill. Okay, now I'd also take out
one switch for another gust of wind(we want to kill off those muks ASAP!).
Now, the trainers look okay. Now, on to the energy.
Energy looks fine. Good job. =)
Well, what we did is tooka regualr raindance and turned it into a
Turbo-Blaastoise, that is a deck that that has 4 squirtle, 4 pokemon
breeder, 4 blastoise, etc. This deck is almost exactly the same as the one I
play. It came in as a great deck, we just tuned it a bit. Good Work. =D

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now! C'ya!!!