SATOSHI: Okay, this isn't a deck fix, but I felt I needed to post this
anyway. Here it is;
Dear Satoshi,
Yo! I think you are really cool.<<SATOSHI's Note: Thanks! =D>> I was reading
an article you wrote about Japanese cards in decks. I just played a dude who
had one japanese card in his deck with the translation from pojo, I think.
And a girl with a Blaine's Quiz # 3. (acually, when I read the translation
for that one, I saw the girl had a wrong translation.So I see why you
wouldn't want to play with a japanese card.)Well, if you did have only a few
japanese cards in your deck, and had accurate translations of them, then
could you send them in or play them? Cuz I had a great idea for a really
killer deck that needed a neo evolution line(the awesome water one that's
probably gonna be the next Blastoise, in case you were wondering which one.)
I got the translation of them from the Pojo magazine, so could I send the
deck to you for tweaking? Thanx for listening!
P.S. Now I know why people are tempted to ask you to post their deck. I have
been waiting for a month to get a reply from you about the deck I sent. Just
wanted to remind ya.And bye the way, do you know if you should save
apprentice on your computer if you want to install it?<<SATOSHI's Note: No,
I have absolutely no idea. I don't play apprentice>>Thanx! Bye!:D 
SATOSHI: Okay, Salom brings up good points. I'll start with the deck
Here's the thing, how many e-mails do you poke-people have in your
boxes right now? Well, mine is well into the 100s. It is not possible for me
to get to every one of the decks sent to me. Sorry about that, but feel free
to keep the decks comin'! Just because I didn' post your deck the first
time, doesn't mean I won't post a different deck you made!!
Next is the japanese card playing question. I agree that if you had
an accurate translation, you could play japanese cards. The thing is, there
are no accurate translations! If you look at one card in three magazines,
you will probabally get three different translations. Sometimes, they sound
right, but other times, you wonder exactly who they're getting to translate
the cards....
Okay, the card that Salom says is the next Blastoise is the Odariu
family(the water family from the nine-card neo promo pack). Now, I have
heard a lot about how people think he will be the "next Blatoise," but I can
assure you he will not. Blastoise is popular because of his power to lay as
much water energy as you want onto your water pokemon each turn. Odariu's
power allows you to put as amny water energy inot your discard pile as you
want, and his attack is 10 plus 10 for every water energy in your discard
pile, then you remove the water energy from your discard pile and add them
to your deck. As you can see, he will not be the next Blastoise, but the
next Blastoise affiliate.*whew* That was a mouthful.

SATOSHI: Well, there's my $0.02 for today. Keep those decks (and questions)
coming, guys!! Later! << File: ATT00007.gif >>