SATOSHI: Hi, everyone! I have something I need to get off my chest.
Literally. See, my stock boy was stacking those new really really big boxes
of Cracker Jack on the shelves when one of 'em slipped. I just happened to
be taking item stock next to him, and...well...I've fallen and I can't get
up. Anyway, while I try to continue to breathe underneath this box of carmel
corn, let's look at the next deck.
Dear Satoshi,
please rate my deck... its called the Tsunami

19 water energy

3 squirlte
2 wartortle
1 blastoise
*note: i could be getting 2 more blastoises, so please adjust the deck
4 poliwag
3 poliwhirl
3 poliwrath

4 magikarp
4 gyrados

3 energy removal
3 s. energy removal
2 pokemon breeders
1 pokemon trader
2 computer search
4 proffesor oaks
3 energy retrievals

SATOSHI: Well, we'll need to get to work, so let's go.
The pokemon need the most work, so we'll start there. I'll start off by
dropping the poli line, as we'll need the space. I'm going to revoe the two
wartortle in favor of two more pokemon breeders, and replace the poliwrath
with two blastoise and an articuno. Now, the rst of the poli line can go for
three more articuno and four lapras. I'll also remove the line with more trainers later on, so let's move on.
We have eight spaces right off the bat, so let's get going. I'll add in
another super energy removal, two more traders, two more computer search and
3 bills. I'm also going to remove an oak for a fourth bill. Okay, trainers
looks good, so here we go.
The energy is a little low, but the energy retrievals should help there.
Let's look at the overall.
Here's the finished product.

4 squritle
3 blastoise
4 articuno
4 lapras

4 pokemon breeder
4 computer search
3 energy removal
4 super energy removal
3 energy retrieval
3 pokemon trader
4 bill
3 professor oak

19 water energy

Hmmm...we're over two cards...let's remove the regual energy removal and add
in another energy for an even 20. There. now we're fixed. As you can see,
this has really turned into a sort of Turbo-Blastoise. This kind of deck is
really fun to play, as I play on myself. =) Be careful about decking,

SATOSHI: Well, I'm still stuck under the big Cracker Jack box...hey! There's
the prize package...if I can just reach it...there! Now...<<rip, tear,
rip>>...hey! A hydraulic lift! How very convenient. See ya'll later!