SATOSHI: 'Yello! I've got some Twisted Challenge Two acceptees for ya! Here
we go!!!
Are the public allowed to answer Twisted Challenges?
I haven't been up to date with your garage.....anyway, here's a halfway
decent non-trainer deck.

3 Scyther
4 Gastly
3 Haunter
3 Ditto
3 Chansey
4 Clefairy
3 Clefable
4 Kangaskhan

4 Double Colorless
19 Psychic Energy
10 Grass

I figured that trainers simply gave your deck speed, and the only way to
keep your deck in speedy shape, is to stall massively.
Without trainers, its hard, so I had to use all pokemon that functioned on
their own, and not in a combo, energy problems will NOT happen....heheheheh
Still a bad deck without the trainers though..... =(

--(`·.SLeePy ĞrAgOn.·´)--
SATOSHI: Hey...nice.... Of course, as you all might have guessed from
the...uh...interresting signature, this deck is from everyone's favorite
blue mock-dragon, Sleepy Dragon. Anywho, here's the next deck.
Storming Scythers by Brain
4 scyther
4 squirtle
4 wartortle
4 blastoise
4 articuno
2 lapras

8 grass energy
30 water energy
SATOSHI: Wow. Nice. Well, that's all for now. Just to let ya'll know, all
the Twisted Challenges will be open for exactly seven days. Once seven days
are up, a new challenge will arise, and the old one will close. C'ya later!