SATOSHI:<<Drumroll>>Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the second annual(sort
of) Twisted Challenge 500! That's right, these two brave souls accepted my
challenge to build a deck with absolutely no trainers. What's even more
amazing is that my second challenge was posted just today, and I already
have two acceptees! Wow. I think I'll give them both 1 million points for
'speedy deck building.' Of course, like on "Whoose Line Is It Anyway?," the
points don't matter. That's right, the points don't matter, just like a
charizard to a fully pumped blastoise. =) Anyway, onto the decks.
Well, if we don't use trainers, we might use some Poke's powers as
replacements, right?

Pokemon (32)

4x Jigglypuff
3x Wigglytuff
3x Pidgey (GOW)
2x Pidgeotto (bigger GOW)
4x Mew (devolve the big boys)
4x DoDuo
3x Dodrio (retreat aid)
4x Dratini
3x Dragonair (energy removal)
2x Dragonite (Switch)

Energy (28)

4x DCE
24x Psychic

With no trainers a slugging match becomes a real possibility. Remember all
you "Mulligan Mewtwo" deckmakers, that drawing 2 cards is optional!
SATOSHI: Well, this is a great deck. Next, puh-lease?
Hi SATOSHI Here's my no trainer deck:
2 Mewtwo
58 Psychic Energy
SATOSHI: Ummm...yet another no trainer (yet illegal) deck. But don't decks
need somewhere around eight pokemon to operate? Oh, well....

BLASTOISE:<<looking up from computer in secret command center>>[Hey,
SATOSHI! We just got a gem of a mew code! Can I post it? Puh-lease.....?!]

SATOSHI: Oh, alright. That's it for the Twisted Challenge for now. Now, I'll
turn things over to Blastoise in "Blastoise's Code Chamber." Blastoise...?

BLASTOISE: [Thank you. For your convience, I have altered my poke-speech so
everyone can understand it. Anyway, onto the "code."]<<types frantically on
pc; soon, large monitor behind him blinks on.>>[Okay, would you all please
direct your attention to the monitor behind me? Thank you.]

CODE: Get a Golem at level 100 and fly to Saffron City and go to the Silph
Co. Building. Teach golem surf. It may say he can't learn it, but it's
lying. Surf in the pool and Golem will sink. Use the Super Rod and you will
hook a Mew. Catch it. Fish again, and you will hook a Mewthree. Catch it.
Fish again and you will hook Golem. Catch it.

BLASTOISE: [There are several reasons that this code can be deemed "fake."
The firsat would be that Mewthree is a fictional pokemon. Second, You cannot
surf in the pool on the first level of Silph Co. Trust me. Me an' SATOSHI
have tried numerous times. Third, I doubt that the game would "lie." The
fourth reason this code is fake is the simplest, yet no one seems to grasp
it. YOU CANNOT GET MEW IN RED, BLUE, OR YELLOW! Unless you use gameshark,
game genie, or otherwise obtain it from Nintendo, Mew will be un catchable.
Alas, all you people that think we're wrong, keep sending us fake codes, but
don't be surprised to find it posted in..."Blastoise's Code Chamber." Back
to you, SATOSHI!]

SATOSHI: Thank you, Blastoise. Well, that's all for now! Keep those codes
and decks comin'! C'ya!