SATOSHI: Okay, everyone. I need to set something straight. <<holds up
japanese cards>>not legal...<<holds up english cards>> legal. Got that? What
I mean is that using japanese cards in adeck is a cheap way to play. PLEASE,
do NOT send me decks with ANY japanese cards that are noit yet in english! I
do not believe that anyone has the english copies of Neo, Team Rocket, or
any other future expansion cards. DO NOT SEND ME DECKS WITH JAPANESE CARDS
IN THEM!!!! Thank you.
On the lighter side, I'm still getting codes from people that insist
they've gotten Mew on their Gameboys without Game Shark Or Game Genie or any
other outside help. I have one thing to say to them....
SATOSHI: Anyway, I will have ol' Blastoise post those "codes" that I
recieve. Heh...won't THAT be interresting....Well, I guess that's all for
now. C'ya later!