I didn't know where to send this, so here it is. I have noticed the rise of
Digimon talk on this site, and have to ask; Why is Digimon so popular? I
think I have the answer.
Digimon may have come first, but the only reason(I think) that the show
took off as it did is because of its pokemon-resembelence. Let's look at the
show senarios:

Pokemon: People train many little monter-like creatures that turn into more
powerful monster-like creatures that fight.

Digimon: Seven kids(eight now) train only one monster-like creature(each)
that turn into bigger, more powerful monsters that fight.

See a resembelance. Now, there are some people that know that Digimon came
first and thus think that pokemon is a ripoff. First, if you think pokemon
is a rip off, THEN WHY ARE YOU AT A POKEMON SITE??!! Second, they're wrong!
WRONG! Here's how Pokemon and Digimon came to being:

Digimon: About five years ago, Bandai made little gigapets that you train
and fight with other people.

Pokemon: About five years ago, Satoshi Tajiri(no relation) based a video
game around fond childhood memories of catching and collecting bugs in his
hometown. He then created 150 monsters to begin with, which artist Ken
Sugimori drew up for him.

Seems to me that Pokemon is a little more involved. If you still think
Pokemon is the rip off, then look at what Digimon's newest product is.
The Digimon Card Game

C'mon, you've all seen the comercials. Two kids playing a card game with
monsters that can be energised to attack, and can be digivolved to become
more powerful. let's see...they need energy, can be evolved...*gasp!* Sounds
like the Pokemon TCG to me! What's that I hear...? Oh! It's DIGIMON RIPPING
OFF THE POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME!!! And now, are you gonna tell me that the
Digimon TCG came out before the pokemon TCG? I don't think so. Well, that's
about all I have to say about the Parasitic Gravy Train rider called