SATOSHI: "Digimon, digital monsters..." *sigh* Hi, everyone. My stock boy's
been watching that Digimon show all morning, and now that song's stuck in my
Hey Satoshi, my name is **** **********.I just made a stall deck. I cant
find whats wrong. Maybe the trainers?My deck goes:
4 Abra
4 Kadabra
4 Alakazam
4 Chansey
4 Lickitung

4 Energy Removal
4 Super E.R
4 Scoop Up
4 Imposter Oak
4 Maintenance
4 Pokemon Center
2 Super Potion

4 Double Colorless
10 Psychic(i only use them for SER and SP)

My strategy is to use imposter oak and maintenance to get their number of
cards lower than yours. Then use Alakazam to damage swap and heal people to
stall until they deck themselves before I do.
SATOSHI: Hmmm. I can already see a few problems here. Let's fix 'em, shall
Okay, I see you've got four of all your pokemon. That's good quantity, but
as the old saying goes,"quality over quantity." So, I've got a few
suggestions for you. Take out two kadabra and two likitung in favor of four
pokemon breeders, to help get that alakazam out faster. The other poke look
Alright, we've got work to do here, too. I'd take out two maintenance for
two pokemon traders, to help get those needed chanseys or alakazams out
faster. Okay. Everything else looks fine.
The energy is fine, as you told me why you had so few. Good job.
Wow. Be afraid, everyone. We've got an old-style staller on our hands. Be
very afraid....=(

SATOSHI: well, that's about it. Later, everyone!!!!