SATOSHI: Ha! I gotcha now, Boba Fett!<<looks up from television and N64>>Oh,
heheh...I was just-<<explosion can be heard from the televison>>-playing
Shadows Of The Empire. Before I died.! Oh well. Here's the next
deck, eh? Wha-? That was wierd....
Hey Satoshi. I have recently started a new dekc based on the three (in my
opinion) best Grass Pokemon. Beedrill, Pinsir and Scyther, All bugs. My deck
has lsot once to a Wiggly deck and hasnt lost since. I know its weak to fire
but it has never had a problem due to its tremendous speed. I always start
attackin second turn and leave my opponent pretty much in tears after its
over. Here it is:

"Bugcatcher's Dream"
(a.k.a Speedrill)
4 Weedle
3 Beedrill
3 Pinsir
3 Scyther

4 Computer Search
4 Pluspower
4 Breeder
4 Bill
2 Scoop Up
4 Professor Oak
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind

16 Grass Energy
4 Double Colorless

I know the energy is low, but 20 is still a lot. I hae found out that high
energy, sucks! Anywhere from 16-20 energy is fine.  I have neevr had an
energy problem. Yes, I have even killed the almighty Haymaker and Rain Dance
with this deck. Help improve it please! Thanks.
SATOSHI:<<reads the last line of the e-mail, and nearly chokes on his
Icee>>*gack!*-Huh?! How can you HATE Raindance decks? I didn't even think
that was possible! Oh!*ahem* Anyway, onto the deck.
Okay, I've only got a few things to suggest for the pokemon. One would be to
drop two professor oaks in favor of another scyther and pinsir. That should
help lessen the chance of mulligins. Hmmmm...everything else looks good.
Trainers look okay too. Nice job there. =D
Energy looks okay; especially since all of your pokemon(with the exception
of weedle) can use DCEs. Good job, eh?<<looks startled>>humh. That was wierd
too. Anyway, let's move on, eh? There it is again!!!
Overall, very nice deck. I'd admit it into the hall Of Fame, but I've
decided to discontinue the SATOSHI's Shop Hall Of Fame. I was getting so
many good decks that I would have had to admit them all! Anyway, good job on
this deck, eh? ArrrrrGGGh! Why do I keep sayin' "eh?" I gotta figure this

SATOSHI:<<flipping through thick medical book>>Ah-Ha! I found it, eh? Says it is. "Canadian-Tidus: A strange but annoying disease
that occurs when the infected peron or persons watches Collin Mockery on
"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" too much. Only lasts a few hours." Huh. That
would explain it, eh?<<cringes>>Man, this could get annoying. You'd better
leave for now. It may be catchy. Later, eh?