SATOSHI: Hiya! I would like to say that no pokemon were hurt or killed in
the fixing of this deck. =)
Dear Satoshi,
    I have read many of your articles and decks and I hope you can fix my
    Here's the deck. It's a Raindance/Energy Denial deck, utilizing Water
Gun and Hydro Pump attacks to their fullest. Using Blastoise (getting him
out by Comp. Search or Trader), along with Poliwrath and Vaporeon, and
charging them up to their fullest.
If you see any problems, don't hesitate to tell me, as my first big
tournament is up soon.
Here's the deck:

4x Squirtle
3x Wartortle
2x Blastoise
2x Eevee
1x Vaporeon
4x Poliwag
2x Poliwhirl
1x Poliwrath

3x Computer Search
1x Pkmn Trader
2x S.E.R
3x E.R
2x S.P
3x Bill

27 Water Energy

I hope you can help fine-tune or overhaul my deck.
Thanks a heap.
SATOSHI: Ahhhh...a water nice...SATOSHI like water decks....Huh?
Oh! *ahem* Anyway, onto the deck.
Okay, the pokes need a little reinforcing. I'd start out by removing the
poliwag line. In their place, add another blastoise, two more eevee, and two
more vaporeon. With the last two spots, add in two articuno. They're fairly
powerful, and they provide a safe, electric-weakness-free alternative in
case of electabuzz or his friends.
Now, those pesaky trainers. First, I'm gonna take out the super potion, and
the l;one pokemon trader, and a wartortle. In their places, add in four
pokemon breeders, blastoise's best friend. Hmmmm...I think I'll remove the
regular energy removal and put in another bill and two professor oaks.
There. that looks pretty good.
The energy is fine. In fact, I might suggest removing one water energy for a
fourth computer search.
Well, let's look at the finished product.

26 water energy
4 squirtle
2 wartortle
3 blastoise
4 eevee
3 vaporeon
2 articuno

4 computer search
4 bill
2 professor oak
4 pokemon breeder
2 super energy removal

SATOSHI: Well, like all water decks, this truly looks like a winner. It came
to me fairly well; I just tweaked it a bit. We lost the energy denial theme,
but we gained a kind of semi-raindance deck. Just be careful against
electabuzz and company.
Well, guess that's all for now! Later, everyone!