SATOSHI:<<drumroll>> Welcome to the first ever Twisted Challenge 500! In
response to my challenge to make an ALL common deck, these two quick deck
builders have really shown their stuff. And here they are!!!!
Response to your TWISTED CHALLENGE, and twisted it is, my Dratini had a cow
because she is uncommon!!  She's not speaking to me (well, at least she's
biting me either) so you won't have to put up with her smart alecky comments
in the background :)
In case anyone asks, a Serf is the lowest form of peasant. And Common
cards are the lowest form of Pokemon here's my All-Common
Part-Star deck, "Serfs"  (get the pun on "Surf"?)<<SATOSHI's Note:
Ummm...HA! Yeah, it took a while, but now I do! =)>>
    Pokemon:  (20)
        4 Psyduck
        4 Starmie (pretty decent by itself)
        2 Staryu (only common evolution that I know of)
        3 Diglett
        3 Machop
        4 Onix (90 HP and a COMMON?!?!)
    Trainers:  (16)
        4 Bill  (no oak, dag nabbit!)
        4 Gust of Wind
        4 Pokeball (*almost* a computer search)
        4 Switch
    Energy:  (24)
        12 Fighting Energy
        12 Water Energy

Well, with all-commons, the basic strategy is ... well... something along
lines of a "I want to lose NOW" haymaker.  Only one Evolution group, and
well... Starmie is only thrown in for flavor.  And paralysis!  Hopefully the
only kind of deck "Serf" would do decently against is another in the same
theme; All Common.  I almost threw Seel in there... but for all it's a kind
of sorry basic (okay, 60 hp is not bad...) I realized at the last minute
it's uncommon!!  Darn!  Seel's off sulking with Dratini now...
            Have fun!
Rainy, the Furry Blue Mock-Dragon
SATOSHI:<<applause in background>> Hey? Where's that applause coming from?
*ahem* QUIET!!!!!<<applause stops>> Better. That was a very nice deck,
Rainy. Hope Dratini and Seel feel better soon. =) Anyway, onto the next
all-common deck.
Hello! I think I have made an OK all-common deck which consists of:

4 energy removal
4 bill
4 gust of wind
4 recycle

2 rattata
4 pikachu(base)
4 ponyta
4 jigglypuff
4 charmander

14 fire
12 lightning

This deck is called "The CHEAP One"
SATOSHI: Ha! That's a great deck too! Ya know, both of these decks are
great! Moreover, they are great decks for any newbee to the game that
doesn't have the money to buy all the rare cards that make up most popular
decks. I suggest all you young trainers out there try these out first, and
then move onto bigger and better things. Guys, keep those all-common decks
coming! Good Luck and Happy(and cheap)Gaming!