23 Water Energy
<<Looks pretty good for a Rain Dance-but we may be able to substitute some
energy for more Pokemon or Trainers.>>

4 Squirtle
3 Wartortle
3 Blastoise

3 Magikarp
3 Gyarados

2 Poliwag
2 Poliwhirl
1 Poliwrath

2 Eevee
1 Vaporeon
<<Gyrados, and Blastoise lines are obviuos staples-but there are just too
many evo. lines in this deck to create a sturdy base.>>


4 Bill
3 Energy Removal
2 Professor Oak
1 Super Energy Removal
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Pokemon Breeder
1 Switch
<<Hmm, we deffinatley will need more Oaks and other trainers you have a
whopping  24 pokemon(a little much for a Rain Dance) so I think we can
substitute some pokemons for some trainermons....errr trainers.>>

This deck, has strayed off a little too far from the basic concepts of Rain
Dance. Rain Dance is ment to be fast-this deck  has 3 evo. lines this
doesn't neccasarly make the deck slow but gives this deck a  questionable
base with 2 Stage 2 lines, if you're gonna wait for Poliwrath to come around
then you'll most likely be bashed by some angry Electabuzz. You also have a
Vaporeon thrown in, an ok pokemon but there is MUCH faster and less energy
intensive. To top off my little counterdiction, you have only included 2
Oaks you'll need more to get a whole pile of damage counters thrown onto
your opponent quickly. Yes, this deck needs more speed.
  Let's start with the base of your deck-Blastoise. Take out 1 Water energy
to add another Blastoise, now the chances of you getting a Blastoise out has
increased to about 4 in 60(not including finders or card drawing trainers).
Normally I would just say "heck with you" to your Wartortles and throw 'em
out of here, but I have found them useful lately with all these Mews popping
up. But still you should focus mainly on speed, let's take out 2
Wartortles(leaving you 1 for that Psy deck your buddy keeps pulling on you)
to add 2 Breeders. Ok, Poliwrath I'm sorry to say it but I'm kickin' ya out
of here. Reasoning? Like I explained above he's a bit slow in a Rain Dance
unless you completley base your deck around him and Blastoise. So let's take
out his entire line to give us 5 open slots, let's add 3 Articunos to give
those Electabuzzes some trouble. With the extra slot left, we'll add another
Lapras for a solid starting pokemon. Our final  tweak to your Pokemon would
be to take out the Vaporeon line for some better trainers and 1 more Lapras.
  Ok, we're going on to your trainers now you still have 2 open slots from
taking out the Vaporeon evolution. Let's add another Oak and another Energy
Retrieval. We really don't need the one itty-bitty SER it should do better
as a Comp. Search. Oh and I think the ERs will be more useful as GOWs, as
they have vaster capabilities. For our final tweak we'll take out the switch
for...another Comp. Search.

"RAIN DANCE" -Revised-

2XEnergy Retrieval
2XComp. Search
3XPokemon Breeder


Flat Out-6
Tuned Up-9

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