1x Jungle Pikachu*(OK HP, evolution, bench damage)
1x League Promo Pikachu*(good HP, evolution, 50% chance of Paralysis)
1x Movie Promo Pikachu*(OK HP, evolution, Self-Pumper)
1x Base Riachu*(good HP, 50% chance of damage prevention)
1x Fossil Riachu*(great HP, Bench damage)

2x Electabuzz(great HP, great attacks)

2x Chansey(awesome HP, absorbs damage, can stall and retreat easy)

2x Alakazam(good HP, great POKÉMON POWER, good attack)
3x Kadabra(good HP, evolution, Self-Heal, awesome attack)
4x Abra(evolution, 50% chance of Paralysis, free retreat)
<<Wow-after looking closely at this deck you'll see it actually has 3
options to go for during play-Beatdown, Stall, or Bench Destruction. A very
unpredictable deck.>>


1x Computer Search**(get the card I need)
1x Scoop Up( get that damage off that Chansey)
2x Professor Oak(get some cards)
4x Bill(get some cards)
2x Energy Removal(make opponent helpless)
2x Gust of Wind(bring out a helpless Pokémon)
2x Switch(save my helpless guys)
1x PokeBall***(50% chance of get the Pokémon I need)
1x Mr. Fuji(send Chansey and cards back to the deck)
<<Looks like you're using Pokeball as a go-between-try to get a Comp. Search
real quick. Once again I see alot of options here, good going.>>

14x Electric Energy
12x Psychic Energy
<<Perfect energy =)>>
*Read first sentence of "Strategy".

Strategy: The deck is built to be able to take out any deck because I
Compete in a lot of Tournaments in a lot of Different areas here where a lot
of different decks are played. There is a slight edge that can be given to
Arche-Types(I hate boring stall players) for percentage of decks, but other
than that a lot of non-Arche-types (mainly Self-Constructed low theme baring
types) that are being played around where I live.


The real strategy is to get out a Kadabra or Riachu early and soon after
get a Chansey and Alakazam out to help the Active Pokémon control damage.

*I need the various differences to apply to the different needs in a game.

**All I have, have substituted *** for it.

***Substitutes for **.


The gameplay strategy is to get out a Kadabra or Riachu early and have
them soon followed by Alakazam and Chansey out in the field to help the
Active Pokémon control the damage on it, and then Scoop Up or Mr. Fuji the
damage away.

Well, as explained the deck plays very well, except when my opening hand is
a lone Jungle Pikachu with a bunch of useless Psychic energy.

Should I play two Fujis instead of 1 Fuji and 1 Scoop?
Should Mr. Mimes be coming in?

Thanks for the great strategy section-it helped me out alot. A great
strategy that I've been seeing pop-up here and there is decks with options,
this is great for scattered metagames. Whether the situation may be simply
most people are playing different decks, or you play in alot of different
tourney locations which usually presents alot of new challenges. Ok-if
you're completley confused right now here's the summary of what I just
So after my minor change in the strategy of this deck let's fix this thing
up! The stalling concept of this deck is almost all but finished, I think
maybe 1 Imposter Oak will help you out in a tight spot. *Sniffle*sniffle* I
hate to do it, I really do! But one Bill has to pack his bags and go back to
his shoebox until you say he can come out, take a Bill out for an Imposter
Oak. I don't think I'll go too far on the bench destruction concept, but
another Fossil Raichu will add some more punch. Hmm, I think we'll take out
1 energy to add a Fossil Raichu-his Gigashock is energy intensive however,
so if your metagame is full of energy gobbling you may want to swap
something else out for 'em. Sometimes hurting the bench can cause a
completley unexpected BLAMO to the opponent, for those times when your
opponent's bench is really hurting a Fossil Zapdos should fit in nicely. I
know you may be screaming bloody murder right now, but once again to help
the stall concept of this deck we'll take out a Bill'e(Bill in french ;) )
for a Fossil Zapdos.
  We've scratched the surface of your trainers to tweak some options of this
deck-but let's look a little more on overall use here. I think Scoop Up will
work better then Mr. Fuji in this situation since when you're Damage
Swappin' away you usually are in great need of the famous Egg Pokemon. Take
out the Fuji for a Scoop Up. Energy denial is always a good thing, but GOW
can help out in more ways then ER can in this deck since you also will have
an option to stall for 2-3 turns with GOW(you also will with ER but don't
forget GOW's offensive capabilities)  let's take out 2 ER's for 2 GOW's.

1XJungle Pikachu
1XLeague Pikachu
1XMovie Promo Pikachu
2XFossil Raichu
1XBasic Raichu
1XFossil Zapdos

1XComp. Search
1XImposter Oak
2XScoop Up


Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-9

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