>So far my deck has done really good but I want a little help tuning it here
>is my deck
>Pokemon 14
>4 Magmar(Fossil)
>3 Ditto
>4 Growlithe
>3 Arcanine
>Trainers 20
>3 Computer Searches
>4 Energy Removals
>2 Switches
>2 Gusts of Wind
>2 Bills
>2 Professor Oak
>2 Energy Retrievals
>3 Plus Powers
>Energy 26
>22 Fire
>4 DCE
>My Strategy is to get a Magmar and stall until I have an Arcanine ready to
>attack I usually try to poison the active Pokemon with Magmar before I
>out Arcanine Ditto helps out a lot against water decks. Any help you can
>offer will be greatly appreciated.
>Xxx Karnage xxX@aol.com


Hey lo everyone!! Time for another on of Griffin's deck fixes!(*booing sound
from audience*)

Okay, today we're looking at a fire deck, yay!! First thing we gotta do here
is fix up the trainers...4 energy removals isn't good, because your opponent
can just recover the lost energy next turn. Drop 2 of them for 2 super
energy removals, those dudes slow down your opponent more, which is good for
stalling to get those 'Canines out. The rest of the trainers seem fine,
except the GOWs. You need more...Drop a CPU search for one. 3 CPU searches
is quite more than you need, since 2 can get you basically all you need.
That's basically all the help you need, but, you MAY want to test chanseys
instead of dittos, because chanseys can stall better. Okay, thanks for the
deck, bye!

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