>I have a raindance deck it has
>24 water energy
>2 double colorless
>4 squirtle
>4 wartortle
>2 blastoise
>2 lapras
>2 articuno
>2 chansey
>3 seel
>3 dewgong
>2 pokemon traders
>2 bills
>2 item finders
>2 pokemon breeders
>3 professor oak
>2 energy removal
>1 computer search
>Its good but sometimes I deck myself and I always get busted by Muk
>can u help me?

To get rid of Muk, just use Chansey. You need another one though. Drop the
two Pokemon traders, since you have alot of bills and oaks, and add another
Chansey, and another bill. You said you had trouble with decking yourself,
so why don't you drop an oak. With that open, put in another computer
search, they really help the speed of raindance decks. Articuno's are
expensive energy-wize, so drop both of them for two more DCEs, to feed the
chanseys. 3 dewgongs is too much, with your number of energy, drop one and
add in another breeder. With three breeders, you hardly need 4 wartortles,
take out two of them, and add another breeder, for more speed, and also add
in another blastoise, since they are the main power source. Okee, that
should get your deck running like skates, see ya, and good luck in future


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