>From: C0UGAR500@aol.com
>To: Dux@pojo.com
>Subject: Lockjaw
>Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 19:42:15 EST
>I have a deck called Damage Stop.  Not swap.  Stop.  Ok.  It is Water/
>The main goal is to make it so your opponent can't attack you.  To do this
>us attacks like Agility, Smokescreen etc.  It is very frustrating for the
>opponent when you've just done 20 or 30 damage and they can't attack you. 
>think this deck needs some help though.
>Here it is (I have more than 60 cards so I need help w/ that too)
>2 Fossil Magmar
>2 Basic Magmar
>2 Ponyta
>1 Rapidash
>1 Moltres
>3 Psyduck
>2 Golduck
>2 Horsea
>1 Seadra
>2 Spearow
>1 Fearow
>1 Item Finder
>2 Computer Search
>1 Pokemon Trader
>1  Scoop Up
>1 Lass
>1 Professor Oak
>3 Bill
>3 Energy Search
>2 Energy Removal
>1 Super Potion
>2 Switch
>3 Potion
>2 Double Colorless
>10 Water
>12 Fire
>Thanx 4 your help


A few months ago i recieved a deck that looks alot like this. I meant to fix
it then, but never did. Let's see what i can come up with.


I wanted to remove the water pokemon in favor of more spearows/fearows, but
i wasn't sure if that would make the deck better, overall,  or not. For the
time being i'll keep it as a water/fire deck.
Your trainers choices are... well... horrid. I'll get to them in the
trainers section.... ugghhhhh.


Magmar: make them all fossil.

Ponyta/Rapidash: make the line 4-3 and your set.

Moltres: Filler pokemon??? dump it.

Psyduck/Golduck: Doesn't fit in the decks them, i.e. he's gone.

Horsea/Seadra: A lack of hit points make this line fairly unpopular; but
because we need a water pokemon somewhere, these will be fine.

Spearow/Fearow: I would prefer using these over Horsea's line, but unless
you want it to be a mono fire deck these are gone.


Item Finder: These have a habit of getting into decks that need holes
filled. Expect to see these in the final.

Computer search: No complaint.

Pokemon Trader: 2 Computer search is enough without the help of these guys.

Scoop up: If the highest retreat cost in the deck wasn't 1 i would keep it
in here.

Lass: these are great for decks that have very little disruption or need
help to not deck itself. Agility and smokescreen are nice disruption, and
there wont be an over abundance of card drawing in the deck, so these aren't

Professor Oak: Lemme think... yup it stays. One more would be decent too.

Bill: See Professor Oak.

Energy Search: Ummm you already have enough energy, and enough card drawing

Energy Removal: Expect to see more of him and maybe his older brother in the

Super Potion: Agility should be enough to avoid taking damage.

Switch: See Scoop Up.

Potion: Nope.

None of the pokemon are very hard hitters so four plus powers will make it
into the final

And heres the final.


4 Magmar (Fossil)

4 Ponyta
3 Rapidash

4 Horsea
3 Seadra


4 Bill
2 Professor oak
2 Computer search
4 Plus Power
4 Energy Removal
2 Item finder


3 Double Colorless Energy
11 Water Energy
10 Fire Energy


I wanted to fit in a few Gusts, but couldn't find the room to get them in. I
didn't want to remove any energy, as i thought that 24 is the correct

The deck plays exactly as it did before.

Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"
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