>From: "Brad Hagen" <brad5253@hotmail.com>
>To: dux@pojo.com
>Subject: my deck
>Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 22:43:54 CST
>Hi, My name is Brad, I'm 13 years old from Kansas City.  I live near
>Collector's Cache, (the 2nd ranked player in the US works there), perhaps
>you had heard of him, Anyway I'll get to the point.
>I was getting kind of mad about the results from my pokemon deck.  So I
>to Pojo.com and figured mabye you could help.  I play all Water and have
>one tournament, but have constant trouble with other people's haymaker
>(hitmonchan, electabuzz, etc), and if I'm not battling a haymaker, it is
>somebody's electric/grass.  Had I known everyone at the tournaments here
>(K.C.) was playing those types of decks, i probably wouldn't have made my
>water deck, but I think it is time for a little change.  Please help if you
>can my deck is:
>4x Squirtle
>4x Wartortle
>4x Blastoise
>3x Magikarp
>3x Gyrados
>2x Lapras
>2x Scyther
>1x Pokemon Trader
>2x Energy Retrieval
>2x Computer Search
>2x Defender
>2x Gust Of Wind
>2x Super Energy Removal
>3x Energy Removal
>1x Gambler
>2x Professor Oak
>3x Double Colorless
>18x Water
>Note on Gyrados:
>    I know that most people don't recommend him because of the
>Magikarp/Evolution, but I think he is good with Dragon Rage (50 damage, 3
>water energy.)  Most people reccommend Articunos, but I have knocked out
>more Articunos with My Gyrados :)  Perhaps you can tell me which way is
>to go?
>Note on Super Energy Removal:
>    Usually i hate almost anyone who plays with lots of energy removals,
>facing haymaker decks against mine can create some problems, this is why i
>chose to add the super energy removals, I can Gust up my opponents
>Charizard, discard 1 energy attached to one of my others to remove 2 of
>Charizard's Energy, and the Hydro Pump Charizard to KO in 2 turns.  Do you
>think I should keep these?
>I really hope you can help me enhance me deck! Please email me back if you
>can help, thanks!
>-Brad (brad5253@hotmail.com)


I haven't done a raindance deck for about a month, so i decided to drag one
out for this update.


There seem to be alot of odd trainers in this deck, and not enough card
drawing to actually get the important cards in your deck.
You seem to be set in your pokemon, although i would still suggest articuno
over gyarados any day of the week, so i'll let those stay the same. Only one
pokemon change... wartortle for pokemon breeders. If you don't have breeders
then, for now, you can use the wartortles.

Aside from that minor change I'll just work on the trainers and the energy.


What? No Bill!

Pokemon Trader: one of the best cards to speed up a raindance deck, get more
of these if you can.

Energy Retrieval: This is the correct amount, no change here.

Computer Search: these are replaced by more pokemon traders.

Defender: ????? ummm, how do these fit into a raindance deck?

Gust of Wind: One more would be nice.

Super Energy Removal: Bump one more of these in their and get rid of the
regular Energy Removals.

Professor Oak: for now, add another one in.

Gambler: not quite sure of this. it all depends on whether or not you seem
to be drawing yourself out of matches with a third oak. if you are, replace
one oak with one gambler.

I'll try to fit some bills in here.


Cut one DCE and replace it with a water energy, other than that there's not
much to do here, though it would be nice to see over 20 water energy.

Here's the final version.

4x Squirtle
4x Wartortle (pokemon breeder)
4x Blastoise
3x Magikarp
3x Gyrados
2x Lapras
2x Scyther

3 Professor Oak
3 Pokemon Trader
3 Gust of wind
2 Energy Retreival
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Bill

19 Water Energy
2 Double Colorless


The deck will be alot faster if you get the breeders in their, but aside
from that there should be little change to how you play the deck.

Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"
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