It's a typical day in the neighborhood...

  Odd as it may sound, there isn't a dang thing going on here today. That in
itself makes for a very strange afternoon.
  I'm so used to avoiding those lecherous jumbo flytraps and dealing with my
secretary's impromptu psychotic binges, that when all is well and good, I'm
at a loss.
  There's no surly and odious union repair men coming today. The flytraps
look unusually sedate. My secretary has been at her desk all day, filing
papers and typing up stuff. No rambunctious 7 year-olds. No crazy luaus. No
mice to taunt anyone. *Sigh*
  I guess I'll see my next patient. Yeah that's SURE to set something off.
Once I see someone, the hijinx will commence! Yeah! I should probably set
the alarm on this clock, just to be on the safe side though.

>Geez...that secetary of yours gives you a good chase. Maybe i should have
>said "yes" when she asked if i liked her nail varnish. Block the door!
>She's coming through! A stool!? You're gonna block the door with a 2-legged
>stool?! Oh worked. Ok, here's my deck:-
>19 pokemon
>4 Fossil Gastly
>4 Base Haunter (my store has sold out of Fossil Haunters)
>3 Gengar
>4 Drowzee
>2 Hypno
>2 Promo Mewtwo
>19 psychic energy
>22 trainers
>3 Bills
>2 Prof.Oaks
>2 Pokemon Traders
>4 SER (discard an energy card? LOL)
>2 Com.Search
>2 Ip.Oak (if i use loads of bills and i haven't got enough deck left to my
>prizes, i use this card to deck him out, and ain't it cool when you use
>one, and next turn you get another one so you can drain the opponent of
>another 7 cards which added up is 14 cards discarded? (yes- i know you know
>that 7+7=14))
>2 Energy Retreival (i know i know- i don't really need em but you need
>energy to get energy back with Promo Mewtwo and Fossil Gastly)
>2 GOW
>2 Pokemon Breeder
>1 Item Finder
>ok- my strategy is to get Gengar or/and Hypno and keep using dark mind
>attack. I can do accepteble damage to the active pokemon and do damage to
>the bench. I also like to get 2 Gengar's and watch the enermy pokemon
>retreat. I can then curse twice and move 20 damage of the bench to the

     Well, I'm glad ONE of us is getting some exercise. I'm not even going
to ask where I got a 2-legged stool. I'm usually much more vigilant when
purchasing furniture. And it's your own fault for saying anything to my
secretary in the first place.
     All levity aside, I see a deck in definite need of revision. As a fan
of Psychic creatures myself, I feel I should note that Psychic is all over
the competitive scene right now. A smart player will compensate for this by
including some Colorless Pokemon in their deck as insurance. So this
strategy will be one part of my fix.
     As per the Pokemon, the inital selection is good, but could be much
better. The Gastly-Haunter-Gengar family is superb. All have really useable
powers and rare Resistance to Fighting types. Also they do not share the
Weakness to Psychic that all other Psychic types bear. You should use these
facts to your advantage, whenever possible. For your deck, 2 Gengars is
plenty for anyone. I'd slim that family down to a 4-3-2 ratio. I trust
you're smart enough to replace those horrible Base Set Haunters with the
Fossil varaint as soon as possible. Dream Eater...right.
     Promo Mewtwo is quite possibly THE best Psychic guy currently available
stateside. A great early game attacker, increase his number up to 3. (I
realize he's not always easy to find, I only have 2 myself. I'm just
pointing out ideals you should strive for.)
     Hypno is pretty good, but more of an early game Pokemon than a lte game
breaker. You've got Mewtwos and hopefully the better Haunters to cover that
field. We can free up a chunk of space by removing the Drowzee/Hypno lineup
for better stuff.
     So what do we add?? Since this seems to be a more offense oriented deck
than a WallStaller, I can think of nothing more useful and menacing than the
Jiggly/Wiggly line. Jigglypuff is great early on with its cheap Pound
attack. Wiggly is a late game crippler who can dish out the pain with no
drawback. Both are resistant to Psychic as well. Bonus!

     Given the starting lineup now, we can examine the Trainers. You were
close. Close, but not on target. While Impostor Oak can be invaluable in a
Stalling deck, yours is not a staller. Give that phony the heave-ho.
      This gives you room for an extra Bill, something that should have been
there to begin with. You have 2 Oaks, which is some consolation though.
      I'd scrap those Pokemon Breeders. Gengar is the only Stage 2 in here
and while he's really nice, he's not exactly crucial. Besides, you have
NOTHING to lose by having a Haunter or two in play. (Provided you get those
Fossil Haunters.)
      You can keep those Super Energy Removals. They'll make for a nice
surprise since they aren't always found in Psychic decks. Gastly and Mewtwo
can easily pick up the slack leftover too.
      Computer Search and Item Finder are always very reliable and I'm glad
to see people including them now. Item Finder is especially invaluable.
       You're right about the Energy Retrievals. Lose them. Put in 2 more
Gusts of Wind in their place.
      Pokemon Trader is a personal call. I really don't see an overwhelming
need for them in this deck. No one Pokemon is more vital than any other. But
if you find that you're not getting the right creatures, by all means put
them back in. I'm going to remove them for this fix however. Remember,
nothing is set in stone here.

     Would you excuse me? I have to go do something.

  (Leaving office)- A Ha!! Gotcha!!

       *TICK-TOCK*       *TICK-TOCK*       *TICK-TOCK*

     What are you looking at? The inactivity is driving me nuts! Youre just
sitting there, actually working!! This is unnatural! Don't you feel an
overwhelming need to raise chickens in the waiting room or anything?
     And you ya stupid plants! Aren't you going to try to eat me? C'mon!! I
had turkey and gravy last night. I bet I'm reeeeeal delicious now.

          *SIGH*  This just isn't kosher. Well back to the inner office I
guess. Feel free to weild a flamethrower or something while you type.

        All right, I was about to comment upon your Energy number. 19 is
very low. Too low. Psychic Pokemon like a lot of Energy to attack. Even with
Mewtwo and Gastly, you still need to have enough to draw in the first place.
I'd suggest 24 Energy total, including several Double Colorless Energy for
Jiggly and Wiggly. This is what your deck should probably look like.

         4 Fossil Gastlys
         3 Fossil Haunters
         2 Gengars
         3 Promo Mewtwos
         3 Jigglypuffs
         2 Wigglytuffs

         4 Bills
         2 Professor Oaks
         4 Gusts of Wind
         1 Computer Search
         1 Item Finder
         4 Super Energy Removals
         3 Switches

         22 Psychic Energy
          2 Double Colorless Energy

       This combo of Pokemon can deal quite a bit of damage. The key is
careful management of who is attacking and what your opponent is sending
out. With your variety of Resistances you should be able to navigate the
playing field quite well. Don't tip your hand by Switching and Gusting too
often. That's all.

       I pronounce you cured. You can try to make amends with my secretary
if you like. Or you can just throw the check at her as you dash madly for
the door. The choice is yours.

       Well I suppose I should go out to the void of consciousness I call my
waiting room to check for my next patient. I sure hope there's something
exciting on TV tonight.

     Hey what happened here? Would you care to explain the treadmarks on the
carpet? And why is the fire extinguisher out and undone? I hope it doesn't
have something to do with the circus clown holding onto that bucket of live
     Ok, who poured minestrone into the coffee machine? And would somebody
care to explain the huge javelin sticking out of the wall?? A guy can't even
see ONE patient before things go all to hell around here!

             Y'all are great. Don't ever change.

                    Good Luck,
                 Dr. Crash Landon
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