Welcome, come on in. I know this must look really bizarre to you, but
trust me, if you were in this office every day like I am, you'd realize this
is just par for the course.
    Of course I'm talking about my secretary. She's traded in her Crimson
Coral color lipstick for Jungle Jade. She's decked out all in green like an
early arrival to the St. Patrick's Day parade. This is all in an attempt to
make our resident venus flytrap feel better. Even I must admit that it's
been loooking a little brown lately and it hasn't threatened me with
consumption in nearly a week, so something's up.
    I'm no botanist, but my secretary, who is enough of a new age nitwit, is
very sure that our flytrap is depressed. For once I'm inclined to agree.
Earlier we played "The Flight of the Bumblebee" for it, hoping it would perk
up and maybe try to eat, but no such luck.
    But I'm keeping you from curing your problems. So let's go into my inner
office and see what's wrong with your deck.

>"Electrical Bug"
>13 Electric Energies
>13 Grass Energies
>1 Professor Oak
>1 Plus Power
>3 Energie Removals
>2 Bills
>2 Energie Searchs
>2 Gust Of Winds
>1 Defender
>2 Potion
>1 Eevee
>1 Jolteon
>1 Magnemite
>1 Voltorb
>1 Electrode(Jungle)
>1 Pikachu (base)
>2 Pikachu (Jungle
>2 Exeggcutes
>2 Exeggutor
>1 Tangela
>2 Bulbasaurs
>1 Ivysaur
>1 Venusaur
>1 Pinsir
>1 Koffing
>      The point of this deck is to stun your opponent. You can do this in
>ways. You can get alot of speed for good attacks(Jolteon), destroy their
>bench (Electrode, Jungle Pikachu), throw your energies around(Venusaur),
>them hopelessly lost buy status affects(Ivysuar, Tangela, and Koffing), and
>send out basic pokemon that do a bunch of damage(Pikachu Base-set, Pinsir).
>Plus you can fool around with trainers like Energie Removals and shut down
>your opponents attacks, and Gust out puny things for Pinsir to munch on.
>       The thing that is wrong with the deck that besides a couple, these
>are weak. I can pretty much get my hands on the cards I need. I am in the
>of getting Electabuzzes. PLEASE help this deck

       For the benefit of anybody reading this deck submission, I want to
stress that this person has done an excellent job of laying out his deck for
fixing. This is EXACTLY what I look for when choosing which decks to fix.
       The deck has a name. (VERY important) The cards are clearly written
and seperated by type. An explanation is offered as to what the purpose of
the deck is and how the author hopes for it to work. Also he makes note that
he can get rarer cards. This gives me greater freedom to suggest solutions.
All in all this deck was submitted extremely well. Kudos!!

       Now on to the actual fix. First, I count 61 cards. Not a truly
grievous sin, but it's enough to make some die-hard idiot at a tournament
wet his pants with glee when he learns he just got  automatic passage into
the next round due to an illegal deck. So right away, I'll fix that problem
by removing the Tangela. Tangela's attacks are too costly for what they
deliver. Plus his HP are rather weak.

       I'd firmly reccommend getting 3 or 4 Electabuzz into this deck. The
presence of Fighting Pokemon has diminished somewhat ever since Fossil came
out. Beware of the Hitmongang though. They're still lurking about.
       The Magnemite, Eevee and Jolteon can all hit the road. I'm going to
complain about the Eevee family in your deck for a moment. You had 1 Eevee
and 1 Jolteon. This is bad, mmm-kay? If you want any chance at successful
evolution, you MUST run more of the basic Pokemon than the Stage 1 or 2
Evolution. It increases the chances of obtaining that crucial Pokemon
necessary to start the whole process.
       I'd replace the Base set Pikachu with another Jungle Pikachu. The
bonus 10HP are a better deal and its attacks are more useful. Add 2 Base set
Raichus to round out your Electric half and you'll be in good shape there.

       Grass wise, it's the same story. Your family ratios are lopsided here
as well. To be able to get that Venusaur out, you must have 4 Bulbasaurs and
3 Ivysaurs in the deck as well. Venusaur's Energy Trans is a super ability
and combos very nicely.
       I'd lose that lonely Koffing. His guaranteed status anomalies are
really attractive, but his weakness to Psychic isn't. With Psychic Pokemon
ruling the field right now, it's best to leave Koffing behind.
       Pinsir is pretty good, but his attacks are very costly. I'd switch
him for some Scythers, who can use both Grass and Electric Energy to attack.
Scyther's resistance to Fighting attacks also stabilizes the weakness of the
Electric Pokemon.
       The Exeggcute lineup is pretty good. Big Eggsplosion combos extremely
well with Venusaur's Energy Trans. Unfortunately, he has a retreat cost of
3. Exeggcute and Exeggutor will have to be removed not because they are bad,
but simply due to a numbers crunch. You need to save room for important
Trainers. Speaking of which...

       Trainers! I don't have any major quarrels with your Traniers. You've
avoided the truly horrible ones. Still, there are a few I'd take out. The
PlusPower is misplaced in this deck. Yours is a deck that uses a multitude
of attack possibilities, not just an outright pounding. By the same token,
your deck will be capable of a hefty damage potential in its own right, so
Defender won't be necessary.
       Many beginning players think Potions are great. There's nothing wrong
with them truthfully, but they detract from better strategies and eat up
space for more useful, versatile cards. You can scrap the Potions. The
Pokemon in this deck have plenty of HP anyhow.

       Venusaur's Energy Trans opens up the possibility of employing Energy
Removal as a backup strategy. I'd exchange the Energy Removals you currently
have for Super Energy Removals. The loss can easily be countered by some
creative rearranging.
        Up the number of Bills to 4 and the number of Professor Oaks to 2.
You'll need to be able to get your Energy and Evolutions quickly in this
        Gust of Wind will be your best friend. Add one more. Careful
management of your opponent's Active Pokemon will guide you to victory.
        Drop the Energy Retrievals. While useful, you'll need the room for
better cards like Item Finders or Computer Searches.

      Excuse me, there's a commotion outside here. I'm going to
investigate...my secretary is kind of unpredictable.

      Why is the flytrap wearing a shirt and hat? You think it has morale
issues? Hey, what's this on the shirt here?

        "Somebody Loves me so much they got me this T-Shirt"

      Gee, that's really touching. I hope you didn't use office petty cash
for that. What's the hat say?

                         "#1 Flytrap"

      Just great. Not only is he depressed, but now he's embarrased too. I
sure hope you can think of something better than motivational clothing. I've
got a patient to get back to.

             Pray nobody ever loves YOU that to get a shirt like that. Okay,
let me give a run down of how I'd improve your deck.


      3 Electabuzz
      3 Jungle Pikachu
      2 Basic Raichu
      4 Bulbasaur
      3 Ivysaur
      2 Venusaur
      3 Scyther


      4 Bills
      2 Professor Oaks
      3 Gusts of Wind
      4 Super Energy Removals
      1 Computer Search
      1 Item Finder

      3 Double Colorless Energy
      8 Electric Energy
      14 Grass Energy

   This fix provides Pokemon with better HP and stronger, faster attacks.
Much better than the weak Pokemon you had alluded to before. The ability to
cause status problems is still present in the Electabuzz and Bulbasaur
family. Your Trainers also now allow you to control the game much better
than the previous set would have.
    Congratulations! You're cured. you can pay my secretary on the way out.
I think I'll accompany you.

      Umm...since when do we have 2 venus flytraps? And how did you manage
to perk the first one up??? It looks great! It's green, standing upright and
I think it just smacked its herbicide infested lips at me once again.
       So it was just lonely? I didn't know plants could BE lonely. Wait a
minute...this means that every day I'll have TWO carnivorous monsters
looking at me like a Thanksgiving feast?  Gee thanks, what would I do
without a brilliant secretary like you?

       Probably sleep well at nights for starters...

                        Good luck!!
                    Dr. Crash Landon

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