Excuse my poor posture today. I'm in a moderate amount of pain. I
arrived into the office, had barely taken off my gloves and jacket before I
felt something tugging at my sweater. The room spun, I felt a sharp pain by
my kidney and almost as quickly I was staring at the ceiling fan.

    Once I realized that I was still alive, my secretary's face appears over
and says "Hey Doc! Guess what! I got my brown belt in judo!" I flopped my
head to the side to see that she had come to work dressed in her judo outfit
which she calls a gi. Her feet were bare and she wore a headband covered
with several Asian characters that I can't read. They probably mean "Kill
Dr. Crash".

    After some Tylenol I feel a bit better, but the yoga princess hasn't let
up. She's been opening the mail by tossing the envelopes into the air and
slicing at them with a letter opener. So it's another typical day here as
you can see.
    Come into my office and we'll see what we can do for your deck. If you
don't mind though, I'll take the couch and you can have the chair today.

>    Hi, Dr. Crash. I need some help here on my deck. I don't know if it is
>tourney worthy so please help.me. It might need some fixing too.
>4x Gastly
>3x Haunter
>4x Electabuzz
>3x Promo Movie Mewtwo
>4x Bill
>3x Mr. Fuji
>4x Plus Power
>2x Energy Retrieval
>4x Energy Removal
>3x Super Energy Removal
>2x Gust of Wind
>2x Professor Oak
>1x Gambler
>2x Computer Search
>12x Psychic Energy
>7x Electric Energy
>O.k. now the strategy. First I bring out Electabuzz or Mewtwo to start off
>the game. If  I get out my Mewtwo first i will most likely Oak my hand and
>then Absorb energy for Mewtwo( I need no more Oaks in my deck, the amount I
>have works fine ). Then on mt bench I have Haunters powering up so if the
>defending.pokemon somehow breaks through my Mewtwos and Electabuzzes they
>will have a nightmare getting trough my Haunters! While the poor little
>pokemon are trying to get through my Haunters I will be powering up my
>Mewtwos and Electabuzzes. Then retreat for free and bring out the big guns
>once again! Now the Trainers. I can usualy Mr. Fuji my pokemon back into my
>deck, Computer Search them back, then Energy Retrieval them some energy.
>This might take more than one turn but it works. To me evergy thing looks
>and plays right but I might be wrong. It Might need a good tune up! Good
>luck and thanks Dr. Crash.
>E-mail me at Pocketmonster_man @yahoo.com

    I don't know why you're coming here. It looks fine to me. You have a
firm grasp of what your deck is supposed to do and how that is accomplished.
The Pokemon selection is great. Don't touch that.
     A lot of Haymaker-style Psychic-Electric decks have been appearing
lately. They seem to be a strong counter to the classic Haymaker and to the
Raindance decks of late. If I had to pick out a flaw in your deck, it would
be that the Energy is on the dangerously low side. I realize that Gastly and
Mewtwo can retrieve Energy for you, but that Energy must find its way into
the trash first. With only 19 in the deck, that becomes a lot tougher. I'd
raise it up to about 23 Energy.

    So clearly something must go. Although your Trainers are good, they
could use some minor tweaking. The Gambler is way too risky. I'd pull that.
If you have more Energy, you probably won't need those Energy Retrievals as
much, so they can leave too. Pull one of the Energy Removals and you'll have
the room for additional Energy.

    I would also reccommend replacing one of your Computer Searches for an
Item Finder for increased versatility.

    That's about all I would- (CRACK!!) What was that?? Hold on, i'll be
back in one moment.

      Hey! What's going on out here? What are these little plastic shards on
my carpet?

      You don't know? Move away from the garbage can. Come on, one step to
the side. AHA! There's a broken telephone in here? mind explaining why?

      I don't care if the guy on the other end of the line is a total
jerk-face. That's no excuse to roundhouse my telephone into oblivion! You're
going to pay for that. Nu-uh. Don't go all Karate Kid Part 4 on me. You're
paying and that's final.

      I thought they taught discipline in those classes of hers. Here's your
deck, with some tweaking to make it smoother.

      4 Gastly (Fossil)
      3 Haunter (Fossil)
      4 Electabuzz
      3 Promo Mewtwo

      4 Bills
      2 Professor Oaks
      3 Energy Removals
      3 Super Energy Removals
      1 Computer Search
      1 Item Finder
      3 Mr. Fujis
      4 PlusPowers
      2 Gusts of Wind

      8 Electric Energy
      15 Psychic Energy

   And there we are. Your deck was pretty good. It just needed some polish.
This is a deck that stands a good chance of winning a Tourney or two. The
only thing I could see giving you a really hard time would be a Potpourri
deck containing some Fighting and Psychic amongst other nasties. Good work.
You can pay Bruce Lee, or whoever she thinks she is, for my services. Be
quick about it though. And compliment her Crimson Coral lipstick. That may
save your life. Or she might decide to kill you. I never know anymore.

     If she asks where I am, tell her I've slipped out to the restroom to
see if my kidney still works. That is, assuming I can get off this couch.

                       Good Luck,
                    Dr. Crash Landon
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