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From: Boarder2158@aol.com
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 18:50:46 EST

>Hey Aaron,
>    I'm an intermediate pokemon player. I've been to about 5 tourneys and
>done relatively well but didn't win. I know the base of winning at any card
>game is drawing cards but I don't have any bills, oaks, etc. My strategy is
>to use aerodactyle and mew to fight all basics and use mewtwo and Hitmo as my
>offense. I'd really like some help so heres my deck.
>3 Hitmonchan
>3 Movie promo Mewtwo
>2 Mew
>2 Aerodactyle
>2 Ditto
>2 Chansey or Kangaskan
>12 Physic Energy
>10 Fighting Energy
>4 Double Colorless
>2 P.C. Search
>2 E.R.
>2 S.E.R.
>2 Potion
>2 Super Potion
>4 Plus Power
>2 Fossil
>2 G.O.W
>2 Switch


While not my favorite Pokemon...Mew certainly has its strengths!  There is nothing better than seeing Mew lay the Smack Down on the Rudy Poo Blastoise!  =)  As if Mew wasn't solid enough...throwing a Aerodactyl into the mix spells disaster for most any evolution deck!  To round the deck out... Mewtwo, Hitmonchan, and Ditto do an excellent job of providing offense to your evolution disruption strategy!

I would make a few changes to the Trainers in the deck...lately I've been liking Computer Search less and Item Finder more.  It's hard to explain, it's largely due to the fact that 9 times out of 10 I'd Computer Search for Professor Oak.  By playing with more Oaks I can just eliminate the middle man (Search) which gives me more room for Item Finders!  This deck is also a prime candidate for Scoop Up...the high retreat cost of Mewtwo and Hitmo need Scoop Up to get them out of there in a hurry when they are badly damaged! 

Here's my "fix"

4 Hitmonchan
3 Promo Mewtwo
3 Ditto
2 Mew
2 Aerodactyl

4 Bill
4 Plus Power
3 Professor Oak
3 Item Finer
3 Scoop Up
3 Gust of Wind
3 Mysterious Fossil

7 Fightind Energy
12 Psychic
4 Double Colorless Energy

Final note:  I think it's cool how Pokemon that are resistant to Psychic are weak to Fighting...this deck has alot of synergy!

Hope this helps...have fun!