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From: "Kirsten Logan" <kirstenlogan@sk.sympatico.ca>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 21:08:41 -0600

>HI my name is James my deck is okay but could be better.  The point is to get Alakazam on your bench with Chansey and move damage from your active pokemon to Chansey.
>Lightning Energy 11
> Psy Energy 8
>Mr.Mime 1
>Mewtwo Basic 1
>Raichu Basic 1
>Kangaskhan 1
>Pikachu Basic 1
>Pikachu Jungle 1
>Jnyx 2
>Zapdos Basic 1
>Electabuzz 2
>Voltorb 2
>Electrode Basic 2
>Chansey 1
>Abra 2
>Kadabra 1
>Alakazam 1
>Magnemite 2
>Magneton Fossil 1
>Mew Promo 1
>Gastly Fossil 2
>Haunter Basic 1
>Gengar 1
>Drowzee 1
>Hypno 1
>Potion 2
>Energy Search 2
>Super Potion 1
>Bill 2
>Energy Removal 1
>Super Energy Removal 1
>Scoop Up 1
>Computer Search 1

Take a good look at this deck and then look at the "strategy" that is supposed to go along with it.  This deck makes for an excellent example of why you should play with multiples of cards...

If you build a deck with the intention of using Chansey/Alakazam...how often do you think this deck will be able to set up this combo when it uses only 1 of each of these cards?  To be realistic, not too many!  To have your deck operate with any regularity you'll want to play with ATLEAST 3 or 4 of each of these cards, then you will be more likely to do what you want!

If you are about to send in a deck that is over 30 lines long like this one above...look to see if you can play with more multiples of the better cards.  And don't use the "I don't have 4 of each rare excuse" 'cause there are plenty of playable commons out there!  Good common cards for the deck above include Jynx, Fossil Gastly, Jungle Pikachu, Bill, Gust of Wind, Plus Power, and Energy Removal just to name a few!  Playing with multiples of these cards will make your deck run more smoothly...and as a result you'll win MANY more games!!!

Finally, for those of you unsure of how many Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy should be put into your deck...back out of this review and scroll up to my "Deck Building Rules" posted on my garage.  Using the right ratio of card types will also increase your decks success!!

Hope this helps...have fun!