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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 22:51:46 -0600

>Here's my deck...i need some tune-ups made on my deck...it works really well but i've decked myself w/ the oaks and bills...so i cut em down to 2 each...but i feel like im missing something...i want to add another gengar because i like manipulating my opponents bench and its hard to get my only 2 gengars out at the same time...add whatever you want, i got it or can get it...
>  To get Gastly in opening hand and to get 1 or 2 more basics for the bench.  Then I want Gengar out on bench w/ a couple energies on him incase of GOW.  Then to use Mewtwo and Electabuzz to hit up with strong attacks.  I plan to KO w/ curse, burn and punch.  Pretty much a bench manipulator.
>Lightning Blast of Psy
>4 Electabuzz
>3 Mewtwo
>4 Gastly(Fossil)
>3 Haunter(Fossil)
>2 Gengar
>4 Energy Removal
>3 PlusPower
>3 Gust of Wind
>2 Super Energy Removal
>2 Comp. Search
>2 Scoop Up
>2 Oak
>2 Bill
>1 Item Finder
>8 Lightning Energy
>15 Psy Energy
>If you have the time...I'd really appreciate it if you could reply to me by Wednesday because im going to a big tournament
>Daniel Perdue
>PS-Do you think this is Killer Deck material... :)

I really want all of you to study this deck...this deck is DEFINITELY killer deck material!  This deck follows my school of training to a tee...The right amount of Pokemon, Trainers, and Energy.  Not only are the amounts solid...his card selection is top notch...using the best Pokemon and Trainers available!  Even the strategy is sound, a deck built to deal lots of damage and uses Curse so that benched Pokemon aren't safe!  Sure I could make a few "tweaks" to the deck but that's not why I'm posting this....I'm posting this to show all of you what type of deck we like to see here at the Garage!  Dan gets an "A" and is well on his way to becoming a Pokemon Master!