Standard Ferligatr

18 water energy
2 dbl colorless
2 recycle

4 gold berry
3 prof oak
2 lass
3 misty's wrath
4 computer search
2 super energy removal
2 prof elm
2 sprout tower

3 cleffa
4 scyther
3 feraligatr
3 croconaw
3 totodile

I haven't seen a Standard Ferligatr deck in along time. I'll see what I can do. =x

Cut 2 Scyther and all 3 Croconaws. We'll use Breeder instead. Add in the following Pokimon:

+2 Igglybuff (ND)
+1 Suicine
+1 Cleffa
+1 Totodile

Slowking is still a popular deck to play. Since Pichu would hurt this deck more than help, Igglybuff is probably your second best choice. Suicine seems like a decent choice for a backup support hitter. It stops extra effects of attacks, besides damage. This means Eeeeeeeek and status effects would be ignored.

Drop both Recycle and Double Colorless Energy. Your main focus on this deck should be Ferligatr. And also cut 2 Water Energy.

Besides the fact that Item Finder is good in every deck. It's REALLY good in this deck. I strongly suggest maxing it out and playing 4. Ferligatr can actually benefit off the drawback of discarding the 2 cards to use it. Ok...drop both Elm and 2 Gold Berry. Go another Professor Oak , Trash Exchange and 2 Time Capsule. Time Capsule is effective in decks that discard lots of amounts of cards. Ferligatr pretty much takes care of the the large amounts of Water discarded with Riptide though. Gust of Wind should be in every Standard deck. I would suggest 3, but all we have enough room for is 2. Drop both SER and 1 Computer Search for 3 Pokimon Breeder.

Revised Ferligatr deck (Standard)

Pokimon: 16
- 4 Cleffa
- 4 Totodile
- 3 Ferligatr L69
- 2 Scyther
- 2 Igglybuff (ND)
- 1 Suicine

Trainers: 28
- 4 Professor Oak
- 4 Item Finder
- 3 Computer Search
- 3 Pokimon Breeder
- 3 Misty's Wrath
- 2 Gust of Wind
- 2 Gold Berry
- 2 Lass
- 2 Sprout Tower
- 2 Time Capsule
- 1 Trash Exchange

Energy: 16
- 16 Water Energy

I hope I didn't totally mess your deck up.